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The Style Hawker: Five pieces you need to get out of your comfort zone

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The Style Hawker (celebrity stylist Annabel Kerman) explains why we could all do to get out of our fashion comfort zones a bit… and how to do it the right way

We all do it:  fresh new trends drop every season, but more often than not the items we end up buying from the latest collections tend to be a slightly updated version of what’s already hanging in our wardrobes. Of course it’s good to have a ‘go-to’ look. But when does that stop being signature, and start becoming lazy?

Maybe it’s time to try out a trend — to go out of your comfort zone and make an ’of the moment’ purchase. This season, as always, there are a handful of items that are hard to avoid. Suspend your judgement and give one a go, you might find it opens up your current wardrobe and makes you feel positively style rejuvenated. And who doesn’t want to feel like they’ve got their finger on the pulse?

bomber jacket summer
1. BOMBER JACKET: The bomber is possibly the last thing you might imagine wearing in nearly 40 degree heat (my Sassy Mama Editor’s first words). However this season’s offerings are a world away from the padded numbers of the 1990’s. Fine silk with a floral print, draped over your shoulders on a night out and suddenly you’re ticking the 90’s sportswear box and tackling the overactive air-con issue in one fell swoop.

cropped flare jeans
2. CROP FLARE JEANS: A few months ago, when Vogue proclaimed this new jean shape as the denim ‘we would all be wearing this summer’ I was underwhelmed. Even Alexa Chung was having trouble convincing me. Yet somehow they have crept into my consciousness and lo and behold are a flattering fit that in sunny climes are way less sweaty and show off a statement shoe. Try them.

off shoulder top
3. THE ‘OFF THE SHOULDER’ PIECE: Yes, the idea of exposing all that shoulder flesh can be a bit daunting and potentially too ‘milk maid’ for many. However the look is deceptively flattering, covering the upper arms and showing off a body part most are happy with. Plus there are far more crisp cottons with a sharper silhouette on offer this season, with more appeal to those of us over frolicking-in-meadow age.

flat platform shoes
4. FLATFORMS: The catwalks have lauded the flat platform as where it’s at for Spring/Summer. But for real life? Yes, they’re on the chunky side and have a whiff of geek chic, but are as easy to walk in as flats yet with added leg-lengthening appeal. The brave can add socks, but try a tanned bare leg and mini skirt for an easier introduction.

5. DUNGAREE OVERALLS: As a dungaree devotee I am beyond excited that store rails are currently heaving with a proliferation of options from 1960’s pinafore dresses to 1990’s overalls: the perfect time for the uninitiated to discover a style that works for you. Plus with the benefit of being both easy to throw on (mothers take note) and effortlessly on trend, they might just become your best friend.

Lead image, Bomber Jacket images #1, #2 and #3, Crop Flare Jeans images #1, #2 and #3, Off-shoulder Top images #1, #2 and #3, Flatform images #1, #2 and #3, Dungaree images #1, #2 and #3 all sourced via Pinterest.

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