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The BigBox Store: Worth the trip to Jurong?

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Tired of over-crowded, elbow-pushing malls in cramped spaces overflowing with way too many shoppers? I just might have found a solution. I’m talking about the slew of malls that have recently opened up in Singapore’s West, and in particular, about BIGBOX – an 8-storey building on a whopping 5.6 hectares of land that’s the largest warehouse retailer in Singapore.

BIGBOX operates on the factory-to-storefront concept, combining bulk prices with the convenience of a one-stop shopping experience. Handily located next to Jurong East MRT, there is something here for everyone.  Even if you’re not in the mood to shop, come in and spend the day exploring and leisurely going from floor to floor.

Despite opening in December, BigBox still seems to be a well-kept secret, because even on a Sunday morning, it was busy but hardly crowded, and an absolute treat to walk around, without being rushed or having to watch out for people walking into me while texting on their phones!

big box_3

BigBox is not quite comparable to either Target or Costco, apart from the spacious grocery section (wide aisles that are not usually seen in Singapore). I would liken it best to the high-end malls you see across the border in Johor Bahru, where you can do all your shopping under one roof, be it groceries or electronics or clothes and makeup. Pricewise, it’s sort of a halfway house between Singapore and its cheaper cousin, Malaysia (at least you don’t have to bring your passport on your grocery run, though!).

In case you bring the kids along, this mall has special ‘rocking benches’ that are like catnip for the little ones. I found them to be the perfect babysitter (arm your child with a snack of course), and let the kiddos rock out on the benches for a few minutes so I could happily browse the non-toy aisles for a change!

Big box_1

Here’s a quick summary of what’s available to give you a little ‘taste’ ahead of your visit – BigBox literally carries everything you need, ranging from groceries, toiletries, toys, and electronic gadgets to furniture, sporting equipment and casual dining options.

  • Warehouse Mart – for fresh food and groceries, offers best value for basic necessities, and showcases Singapore’s largest frozen seafood section.
  • Leisure Box – for sports and outdoors activities, with a wide range of bicycles, camping equipment, luggage and travel needs.
  • Style Box – stylish fast fashion and accessories.
  • HI Box – Home Improvement products with DIY products, gardening tools, house plants and flowers.
  • Munchy Box – quick bites and takeaways.
  • Pin Wei by BIG BOX – dim sum selections!
  • Electronics Box – consumer electronics and accessories.
  • Comms Box – mobile devices and accessories.
  • Silver Box – Elder Care supplies such as adults’ diapers & healthcare disposables, mobile-aids & health aids, reasonably priced supplements and a good range of organic items.
  • HIP Box – novelties and gifts, stationery, soft toys, and random quirky gifts.
  • Home Box – furniture organized by category for easy selection based on style and pricing.
  • Habitat – exclusive range of home furnishings and accessories.
  • Big Burger – burgers and fast food.
  • Cafeteria by BIG BOX – Western and Asian delights.
  • Living Box – designer and designer-like luxury furniture.
  • Out Box – a comprehensive range of outdoor furniture and a wide selection of barbecue equipment.
  • ID Box – renovation solutions, wardrobes, kitchens, bedding, and accessories.
  • Play Box – a place for children to have fun while parents enjoy shopping.
  • Yummy Box – the Food Court offers choices for differing tastes and budgets.

While it’s true that most goods and products aren’t as swish as what you might find in Orchard Road or Bukit Timah, the prices here are a lot more reasonable, especially if you don’t mind buying simple, non-branded items.

BigBox is ideal for a bulk grocery run, including food, cleaning products and other bits and bobs, otherwise, the trek all the way to Jurong might not really be worth it, unless you happen to be at the Bird Park anyway. BigBox has pretty much everything that Cold Storage and the basic FairPrice line would carry.

Big Box_2

While they do bulk packs of things like Pocky sticks, Oreo cookies and tinned mushrooms, a lot of the food items seem to be made in China, hence the lower prices. However, the fresh food and dairy sections are definitely better value for money than more central options, especially for things like Kraft cheese slices and butter. It’s definitely great for bulk shopping toiletry items like larger packs of shampoos, cleaning products, toothbrushes, and the like.

If you’re pleased with what you see, mama, definitely sign up for a membership to enjoy even further discounts and member benefits, including first dibs at a bi-annual Wine Fair!

I highly recommend checking out this ginormous retail outlet for yourself. For me, it was worth seeing the kids have a good time while they were ‘dragged into going shopping’ and having ample space to run around, without disturbing other fellow shoppers. Surely that’s worth something?

Happy shopping mama!

BigBox, 1 Venture Avenue, Singapore 608521, (+65) 6801 6688,

Image #1 sourced via Straits Times, Image #3 sourced via Straits Times

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