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Sassy Supports: Boheme Style Nomads Handmade Jewellery with a Social Cause

Sassy Supports: Boheme Style Nomads Handmade Jewellery with Social Cause
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What’s on your Christmas wish-list this year? If you’re looking for a gift that’s on trend and will help single mamas, look no further. The jewellery by Boheme Style Nomads is handmade with a special story behind it as well as being super wearable.

So you have been warned about what not to buy at Boutiques this year! Now here are some things you should buy – cute accessories to pep up your old wardrobe while giving back to single mamas! Boheme Style Nomads stocks pretty earrings on trend with their current theme of tassels as well as funky bold accessories. The best bit? This social enterprise, supports women who are the only breadwinners of their family. 40% of profits go straight to them so they can look after their kids and be independent not to mention boost their confidence in gaining new skills.  Sounds like win-win to us!

Boheme Style Nomads: Triangle Drop Earrings

Check out what the lovely ladies who make the jewellery have to say. And if you fancy any of these pieces you’ll be stoked to know you can get them at Boutiques this year (10-12 November) – just head over to Stones That Rock. If you like anything that is out of stock – put in a request and the ladies will be happy to make it for you!

Single Mamas Making Jewellery
“I came for the training, not sure if I could do such fine work. But in my first lesson, I made a pair of earrings! And even got a prize for it. I didn’t know that my short, stubby fingers could come up with such beautiful things. Now I make earrings for my friends and relatives and look, I am wearing my own creations!”  – J, single mama with 3 kids.


Boheme Style Nomads: Oversized Tassel Necklace

“I love to learn, to improve myself. South-west CDC gave me a stall on weekend to sell my beads and jewelry. It has supported my eldest daughter through to polytechnic and now only left my 2 more children to support. I need more skills to become better at making jewellery, so I can make prettier things to sell at the market. So this place is good for me. There are volunteers who will train me to do more difficult beading, give me the patterns. When I go for classes outside, I had to pay. Here, I don’t have to pay.”  – S, single mom, staying in a 1-room flat.

“I always love hobbycraft. My daughter and I would make origami together when we are free. So when North-east CDC told me about the free skills training, I quickly signed up. My first lesson, I brought home a necklace – for my daughter. This work is suitable for me as I am a cancer survivor and sometimes my back aches, I have to rest a lot.”  -E, single mama with 2 kids 

“DUA trained me on jewellery making, sometimes provide a booth for me to sell alongside them at pop up stores, now I even sell my own designs online. They also try to help me in other ways, like food aid, find a trainer to teach my daughter singing when they find out she likes to sing.”  – Lina – single mom with 7 kids

“It really helps whenever we get a call for an order. Whatever amount we get helps to feed my family. “  Liza

“I enjoy making jewellery. It is a wonderful environment where I can bring my son. He can play around and its really nice place. It helps me financially. Most of the time its only me and him so I really like the time here. “ – Sharon 

“Wah, I can learn a skill forever. My health is not good. Sometimes I need to go to the hospital. So I am absent from class. But I learn from training videos, so I can catch up. I am hardworking, I go home and practise with the things and tools DUA gave me. I am better and happy that I can do something – a break from looking after my nest.” –  L, single mama of more than 5 kids.

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