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Does the STRIP Rosebud Vajuvenation ‘Facial’ Count as Self-Care?

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Do mamas really need a ‘vajuvenation facial’ down there? Probably not, but this post-partum mama didn’t not enjoy it

Talking about vagina or vulva care can go in a lot of different directions: Why are we obsessed with the upkeep of our privates in the first place? Maybe you couldn’t care less. Maybe you prefer to care less because you’re on the feminist train and question what the male equivalent would be. Maybe you’re on the feminist train and think this is an awesome step for self-care and women’s empowerment.

Here are the facts: we’re mamas, we’re women, and we all have a vulva.

You might be thinking, “Nooo, one more self-care thing I have to do to feel like I’m actually caring for myself [crying emoji]” but hear us out – it’s a facial for your vulva… appealing, maybe? Still no? Read on.

strip rosebud vajuvenation

What is ‘Vajuvenation’?

The suggestion of a vajuvenation vajacial landed itself on our communal office table shortly after I returned to work from maternity leave, and among the discussions of whether this is just another thing us women need, I figured, Hey I’ll try anything once. Perfect for my fresh-out-of-labour-recovery, postnatal vulva. Lay it on me!

The STRIP Rosebud Vajuvenation is a non-invasive vulva skin restoration treatment using thermal O2 technology, radio frequency, vacuum and heat on the Brazilian area. It’s a specially tailored treatment that’s intended to tighten, firm, and lift the skin of the labia majora, and is a non-invasive alternative to a surgery like labiaplasty, which many postpartum mamas seek out due to the skin traumas experienced during childbirth.

strip treatment room vajuvenation

The science behind Rosebud Vajuvenation? An electronic applicator wand delivers radio frequency waves and heat to stimulate collagen production in the skin tissue to create an immediately visible tightening and lifting effect. Over time, it remodels the area with new collagen and elastin fibre production in the deeper dermis layers, restoring the health of the skin. Appearance of fine lines are reduced, and the skin tone evens out to reveal a healthy-looking glow.

Who benefits from a Vajuvenation ‘Vajacial’?

Anyone whose labia could use a little TLC, whether you’re postpartum (as aforementioned, skin traumas can be a major by-product of childbirth), or simply want to banish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (the aging process sadly doesn’t discriminate amongst body parts).

For me, after three months of 24/7 mothering since I gave birth vaginally to my first baby, Momming started to feel more comfortable and I figured I’d try to regain some semblance of my normal, pre-baby life. That included digging out the clothes that fit my pre-baby body, washing my face more regularly, and ultimately, booking my regular hair removal sessions (once I got over the self-inflicted phobia of having anything to do with my nether region).


What does a ‘Vajacial’ feel like?

If you’re already a regular Brazilian wax customer at STRIP (and if you’re not, I can tell you their proprietary chocolate- and strawberry-flavoured hard waxes are enough to make you at least interested in trying), adding a vajacial post-wax is actually a no-brainer.

After my wax, the therapist swiftly prepped for the vajuvenation (gotta love that word!) and proceeded to repeatedly apply light pressure over one side of my labia with the high-tech applicator. It sent radio frequency waves and heat through the whole area for about 15 minutes and after the initial brow-raising sensation, I began to relax. Once she was halfway done, I was given a mirror to make a side-by-side comparison with the untreated area. I was already sure I’d have to feign shock because really, would my vulva suddenly look that much different than it did before? But my shock was real – the skin on the treated side really was firmer and more lifted… so much so that it now looked lopsided. Better do the other side!

When the 30-minute treatment was done, I had another good look in the mirror. “Heh, not so impressive now that each side looks even,” and went about the rest of my day. But as the week progressed, I surprised myself whenever I looked down in the bathroom. Not gonna lie, it was a nice unexpected pick-me-up sometimes. I’m convinced that the after-care Two Lips products that were applied also helped in keeping the area looking brighter and even-toned for days after.

So would you do it again?

If you ask me, I would do it again – and I have. My second session was just as painless and relaxing, and just as impressive. It’s an extra 30 minutes on top of my wax, but who am I to turn down an extra half hour of me-time (even if it means just scrolling Instagram while I’m naked from the waist down?). It’s turned out to be a really helpful treatment in making my vulva feel somewhat normal again after having a baby – isn’t that what self-care is all about after all?

Rosebud Vajuvenation is only suitable for mothers 3 months after natural birth and 6 months after Cesarean birth. You can see visible results immediately after your first treatment, but for the full benefit, STRIP recommends a course of 8 sessions with 2 weeks intervals, followed by maintenance treatments once every 2 months.

bouncy paradise price promotionTry the Rosebud Vajuvenation now with a first time trial session at just $80 (U.P. $250)! Take an additional 10% off trial prices when you book in at Strip Co-Ed Funan, Raffles City, Holland Village, Northpoint and Parkway Parade Outlet. Valid till 30 June 2020.

Brought to you in partnership with STRIP Lead image by Bence Balla-Schottner via Unsplash; all other images courtesy of STRIP

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