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Tried & Tested: Sothys Youth Intensive Facial

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Anti-ageing facials – can you really turn back time and reduce wrinkles by 50%?

I’m the kind of person who is just way too lazy to go do my monthly facial. I know it’s meant to be good for my skin, and while I’ve questioned whether facials are “for real” or just someone massaging skincare products (that I already have at home) on me, I always did enjoy that hour of me-time. When I did go for facials, it’s usually more for that me-time than for the actual benefits it’s meant to bring me.

I used to suffer from really bad adult acne and I’ve worked really hard to get my skin to where it is today. I do get the occasional breakout once a month. And now that those problems are gone, I’ve got a new concern – will my skin look like this forever? Probably not, but it’s gotta look good for my wedding that’s coming up in a few weeks! Radiant – the word that comes to mind is ‘radiant’ – that’s how I need to look on my big day. So I went on a facial-hunt…

I came across Sothys, a premium professional skincare brand from Paris that’s been around since 1946, when I received news in my inbox about their new Youth Intensive Treatment with ultra targeted Youth Serums and five new innovation-inspired Youth Creams. Sothys is well-known for its treatments that deliver results, but also have innovative and home care products to prolong the benefits after the treatment. Their Youth range are said to have active ingredients, bp3 – βP3 TRI-COMPLEXTM, which combines two botanical active ingredients with new generation peptides which  are purported to Optimise traps for free radicals, stimulate antioxidants and skin regeneration system. Sounded like the perfect thing to inject radiance into my face!

The promise:
The Youth Intensive Treatment (plus the new range of home care products) promised me smoother wrinkles by 30% and an increase in firmness by 35% after one treatment. But if I opted for 3 weekly treatments, this would go up to 51% and 50% respectively. So of course I went for all 3 – go big or go home!

The salons:
Sothys salons are based at Capitol Piazza (#B2-48, 13 Stamford Road, Singapore 178905) and Bishan (513 Bishan Street 13, #01-500, Singapore 570513).

There are 7 steps in a Sothys facial using this new range.

  1. Pre-exfoliating lotion: this prepares skin for the actual exfoliation, softening and loosening the dead skin cells for easy removal. The therapist said it may sting a little but I didn’t feel a thing
  2. Renewal exfoliating paste: my favourite bit! I can almost FEEL my dead skin cells being rubbed away.
  3. Application of serum: the therapist uses precise strokes to apply specific serums on targeted areas.
  4. Toning Modelling Balm: application of toning modelling balm.
  5. A multi-masking effect with Dermo-filling Mask and Dermo-lifting Mask: this is when I always fall asleep, while the masks work their magic!

The results:
After my 3rd session my skin looks a lot brighter and smoother! I might even say I’m glowing a little!

While science cannot actually stop us from ageing, it can help us age gracefully (by slowing things down a little), and why not, I say?

So mama, head on down to to take advantage of their launch promotion at only $199 for a session (U.P. $300) for a limited time only.

Lead image sourced via Debra Spence. All other images courtesy of Sothys and the author.

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