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All About HypnoBirthing in Singapore

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Nervous about labour? With an emphasis on trust in oneself and one’s body, HypnoBirthing takes the fear out of childbirth.

Pregnant women who are looking for something to supplement conventional Antenatal classes need look no further; HypnoBirthing is a perfect fit.

HypnoBirthing is not just another set of techniques but also a philosophy. Women’s bodies are designed to carry and birth babies, and in most cases can do so without difficulty. In cultures where the fear has been removed, labour and birth is a natural, easy process that doesn’t require lots of preparation, just trust in oneself and one’s body.

HypnoBirthing is a course that teaches couples to release negative thoughts and fears and replace them with positive beliefs and trust. Women learn how to to ‘Let go’ and listen to what it is that their birthing bodies are telling them to do. Women, along with their partners, learn skills that they can use during labour and birth. Deep relaxation, together with visualisation and gentle breathing techniques, allow the body to let go of tension and pain and experience labour and birth in a calm and gentle way.


HypnoBirthing is not stage hypnosis, but rather self-hypnosis. Couples are taught to use their subconscious mind skills during the techniques. Take, for example, driving to work in the car: while you are driving your conscious mind is busy thinking of other things and not on the driving, so your “subconscious mind skills” drive you safely to work. If something occurred that needed your special attention your conscious mind would snap back into action. In this same way you use your mind skills to focus during labour. It is ‘Mind Over Matter’. Your mind controls the way your body lets go and reacts to labour.

During the small, weekly classes offered in Singapore, couples can practice these techniques in safety and with the benefit of the class instructor who will teach and guide each couple as they hone their skills. A HypnoBirthing woman uses slow breathing techniques to breathe with her surging body. She is truly relaxed and trusts her body. 

The course is not just for the pregnant woman, but also for her birth partner. He will learn skills to help and guide and attend to his partner in labour and during the birth. The hope is that together, as a couple, they can have their baby calmly in gentle surroundings. It’s ideal to begin the class around 25-30 weeks; that way you will have finished the course well before giving birth, but the material will still be fresh in your mind (which is key since it requires lots of practice!).

From my experience as a Doula with couples who have used HypnoBirthing I have observed that couples who practice together, find out how the mother-to-be relaxes and practice some intimate deep relaxation skills for the very strong surges can go through labour and birth using only their HypnoBirthing skills. Circumstances on the labour day and state of mind do make a difference, too, but with positive encouragement women can go further than they think they can.

HypnoBirthing in Singapore is taught by qualified, registered instructors in The Marie Mongan Method from the HypnoBirthing Institute of America.  Each cycle consists of weekly classes of 2.5 hours x 5 weeks and includes handouts, a book and CD’s, but may vary slightly.

The following companies offer classes in Singapore:

  • Parentcraft at Thomson Medical Centre339 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307677, Tel: (+65) 6251 4090
  • Parentlink17 Robin Cl, Singapore 258298, Tel: (+65) 6536 4626 and ask for Angelyn Seet Loh
  • Four Trimesters33 Taman Warna, Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore 276369, Tel: (+65) 9475 1585 and ask for Ginny Phang
  • ChildBirth OdysseyBLK 138 Simei Street 1, Singapore 520138,  Tel: (+65) 9863 7867 and ask for Kong Choon Yen
  • Zama Birthing, The Osteopathic Centre, 20 Siglap Drive, 01-02 Bowmont Centre, Singapore 455858, Tel: (+65) 9001 2738 and ask for Rowan Grigoropoulos 
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