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Tried and Tested: Prenatal Pilates at PowerMoves

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Pregnant with baby #2, Sassy Mama’s Editor tells us why she loves Prenatal Pilates, especially at PowerMoves Pilates in the Park!

I first tried and fell in love with Pilates 16 years ago (man I’m old!), and have been doing it on and off ever since, but never have I loved it more than when doing prenatal Pilates during pregnancy. Three years ago I did one-on-one sessions near my old office in the CBD; this time around I’ve been going to group classes at PowerMoves at Dempsey Hill (they’ve also got a second location at Novena).

While I love Pilates in general for its ability to tone your core and create long, lean muscles, it’s particularly amazing for pregnancy (when let’s face it: toned abs are nothing but a pipe dream). According to BabyCentre UK:

“Pilates strengthens your tummy, back and pelvic floor muscles without straining other joints. The main benefit…is that it targets the exact muscles and functions that can be a problem during and after birth, in a safe way.”

It also helps you take control of your breathing, which is massively useful during labor, and provides an all-around great workout that helps keep you in shape and bounce back faster after giving birth.

Having attended my fair share of Pilates classes around the island, I can’t speak highly enough of PowerMoves and their awesome team of prenatal instructors — Wina, Sarah and Levi. These workouts are tough (if you want them to be)! During each hourlong session they put us through our paces on both the mat and reformer, making sure to work every part of the body, including legs, butt, core, and arms – with plenty of stretching integrated throughout.

I really like how the teachers let everyone go at their own pace (one of the many pluses of the reformer is the ability to customize the resistance level to your strength); this is a must when you’ve got women at all different stages of pregnancy (major props to those mamas who were working out at 35+ weeks!). And with small class sizes (limited to five people at most, though I’ve never had more than four), everyone gets plenty of personal attention to make sure your form is safe and on-point. On a couple occasions I’ve actually been the only one in class — score!

Each and every class I’ve been to has flown by, and I think a big part of this is the beautiful setting: the entrance to PowerMoves is surrounded by trees and flowers, while the studio where we do prenatal class looks out on a lush garden of bamboo. Throw in the pretty purple accents and the truly gorgeous locker room area, and it actually feels more like a spa than a place to work out!

I also love how easy it is to book classes (they use the popular MindBody platform and app), though the friendly front desk staff is also super helpful if you prefer to book in person or over the phone. The Dempsey location alone offers five classes throughout the week – including on weekends – so you can find something to suit your schedule.

Exercising during pregnancy isn’t easy – your body feels odd and cumbersome, and your energy is often flagging. During classes at PowerMoves, though, a couple of the instructors have given us a unique instruction about the best way to brace our abs: “Hug your baby!” It’s such a lovely reminder of why we do this, and makes me all the more eager to continue, especially if it means an easier labor and recovery.

PowerMoves is offering Sassy Mama readers 20% off a Prenatal trial class at either location; just mention SASSY MAMA when you call to book!

Prenatal Pilates classes at PowerMoves are priced at $75 per class, or $700 for a 10-class package.

PowerMoves, Dempsey 6ix and 7even, 6 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249683, Tel: (+65) 6255 2221,

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