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Bump Building: Your Guide to Prenatal Fitness in Singapore

We’ve rounded up the top prenatal fitness studios and classes in Singers to help you build that bump and a healthy, glowing mama.

Exercise is more important than ever in your second and third trimesters. Mamas need strong cores and backs to help support the weight of our ever-growing baby bumps. If you feel like you’re too tired all the time, remember that exercise gives you more energy! Keeping fit makes it easier to deliver, recover, and even prevents pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes and postpartum depression. Remember to keep hydrated all the time and listen to your body! We’ve found some of the best ways to stay in shape during your pregnancy in Singapore.

With your partner:

Pilates Fitness
Doing exercise alone can be boring sometimes so why not grab your partner so you can get fit and healthy together! The new dad bod craze doesn’t mean your man can’t get fit with you. And at Pilates Fitness, you can work out together.

Pilates Fitness, 434, Telok Blangah Road, Singapore 098854, Tel: (+65) 9184 7622

Fitness Training:

Body Temple
Body Temple is an exercise centre designed and run by women for women and they’ve got a specific programme for prenatal preparation and postnatal recovery. They’re super experienced and professional so you’re in safe hands!

Body Temple Studio, 75 Loewen Road, Singapore 248844, Tel: (+65) 91008714

Breathe Pilates
Breathe Pilates runs a popular prenatal Pilates course that aims to get you recovered as soon as possible after your delivery. They have studios in Novena and on the East coast and have classes for expecting mamas from their second-trimester onwards.

Breath Pilates, Various locations across Singapore, Tel: (+65) 98355683

Core fitness

Core Fitness is a Pilates studio with physiotherapy expertise. They focus on getting us mamas as strong as possible to bear our little one for nine months. They’re great for safely getting in shape because most of their instructors are also physiotherapists!

Core Fitness, 583 Orchard Road, #05-04, Forum The Shopping Mall (Office Tower) Singapore 238884, Tel: (+65) 6737 3406

Donna O'shea
Donna O’Shea Fitness

This studio has both personal training and Pilates classes for mums-to-be. All you need is some space and a can-do attitude. Donna comes to you to help you get fit. What more could you ask for?

Donna O’Shea Fitness, Personal training across various locations in Singapore, Tel: (+65) 9231 1528


EzFit Singapore
For the couch-potato mama, prenatal fitness training may be just what you need. EzFit Singapore has a programme designed just for you! Their training sessions are made personal and experts in prenatal exercise will make sure you don’t over exert yourself. These lessons are a bit pricier but they are tailored to your specific needs.

EzFit Singapore, Various locations across Singapore, Tel: (+65) 9007 9742

Focus Pilates
Focus Pilates

This Pilates studio offers a special package to our preggo mamas – two hour-long private sessions and five hour-long group sessions. This lets you figure out where you’re at in one on one sessions before diving in with everyone else.

Focus Pilates Orchard Studio, 302 Orchard Road, #08-03/04 Tong Building, Singapore 238862, Tel: (+65) 6733 8785

Focus Pilates Raffles Place, 22 Malacca Street, #08-00 RB Capital Building (Royal Brothers), Singapore 048980, Tel: (+65) 6235 3938

Mom in Balance

Mom in Balance is dedicated to keeping mamas fit and active and that include you, too, expecting mamas. Pregnancy takes a toll on your body and Mom in Balance has a course just to counter that. Workouts are all outdoor and super fun.

Mom in Balance82a Taman Nakhoda 257784 Singapore, Tel: (+65) 97554229

My Fitness Pilates
Pilates is a great option for pregnant mamas; it tones and strengthens your muscles and even helps you with balance! My Fitness Pilates offer pre and postnatal classes for women of all ages! Its a great way to meet new mamas and stay fit at the same time.

My Fitness Pilates, 452A Joo Chiat Road, Level 2, Singapore 427665, Tel: (+65) 6346 672

Options Studio
This is an internationally acclaimed Pilates studio and they have a programme just for expecting mamas.  They try to make you as comfortable and active as possible.

Options Studio Oxley,Ground Floor, 1 Oxley Rise, Tel: (+65) 96261180

Options Studio Summerset, #04-13 Regency House, 123 Penang Road, Tel: (+65) 6333-3137

Pilates Bodyworks

Pilates Bodyworks
Pilates Bodyworks has a no-impact course just for mamas. They train your tummy and shoulder girdle as well as your core and back to make sure you are in the best shape for delivery and postnatal recovery.

Pilates Bodyworks, 1 Finlayson Green #12-01, Singapore 049246, Tel: (+65) 6538-8922

Pre-natal Fitball
This class at Inspire Mum & Baby is a gentle way of relieving back pain and stimulating spinal fluid. The class helps you with balance and strength.

Inspire Mum & Baby, 116 Changi Road, WIS @ Changi, #02-09, Singapore 419718, Tel: (+65) 9234 1866

Sky Pilates
Sky Pilates
Sky Pilates will help you tone your lower pelvic muscles and prepare it for the smoothest delivery. They also teach deep-breathing and classes target your arms and legs to build lean strength so you can carry the extra baby weight.

Sky Pilates, 583 Orchard Road #09-01 Forum (Office Tower) Singapore 238884, Tel: (+65) 6100 7597

Upside Motion
Upside Motion
Upside Motion helps mamas in the second and third trimesters stay fit, healthy and happy. Muscle elasticity, joint mobility, muscle tone and strength are just a few of the areas they help you with!

Upside Motion Orchard Shopping Centre, 321 Orchard Road, Singapore 238866, Tel: (+65) 67372979

Upside Motion City Hall, 36 Armenian Street #02-03, Singapore 179934, Tel: (+65) 66366859

In the Water: 

Exercising in the water is great for our expecting mamas. Its lower impact, higher resistance, and theres no danger of over-balancing or falling over!

Aqua Pregnancy
At Aqua Pregnancy, 45 minute classes run in the morning three times a week with the aim of  making your pregnancy as easy and smooth as possible. The exercises are designed to open your pelvis, increase your breathing capacity, strengthen your back and much more! They even have a private booking option (here) for the busy mamas that can’t make it to their group classes.

Inspire Mum & Baby, 116 Changi Road, WIS @ Changi, #02-09, Singapore 419718, Tel: (+65) 9234 1866

Aqua Spin
Aqua Spin
Aqua Spin doesn’t have a specific programme for our pregnant mamas but the extra resistance of the water will help you target specific muscles. Pregnant mamas are encouraged to join this class that combines the benefits of spinning and swimming!

Aqua Spin, Various locations across Singapore, for more info or to book a trial lesson send an email

Swimagator has a swimming programme for pregnant mamas to help you tackle back ache and joint pain. It’s low impact and will get your heart racing!

Swimagator, Various locations across Singapore, Tel: (+65) 9785 1424

Online Options:

There are loads of online guides for pregnancy-appropriate workouts but we have a few favourites! Andrea Orbeck is supermodel Heidi Klum’s personal trainer and has created a 12-minute youtube video for the mamas who have way too much going on to even think about exercising. Follow this routine as a morning wake-up, lunch break refresher or afternoon treat!

Sarah Haley is a two-time mama who managed to stay really fit during her two pregnancies. Her dvd series Expecting More comes highly recommended. She focuses on core and back strength which helps you support the weight of your baby without damaging your back! You can get this amazing workout video series on Amazon here.

has a pre-natal Yoga video programme that lets you exercise in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. This video series will help you relax, improve your circulation and regulate your blood pressure. Check it out here!


Casa Santosa
Casa Sontosa have a tailored yoga class for expecting mamas. Their classes will help you be more in tune with your body and have a more mindful pregnancy. Classes can be taken from your second trimester straight through to the big b-day!

Casa Santosa, #02-15, Robertson Walk, 11 Unity St, Singapore 237995, Tel: (+65) 6836 7782

Fern Yoga
Fern Yoga offers an initial consultation and pre-natal lessons to help you make it through your pregnancy as stress- and discomfort-free as possible. Fern aims to give everyone a pain-free life! 

Fern Yoga, Various locations across Singapore, Tel: (+65) 9185-3865

Infinite Yoga Health
Infinite Yoga Health

Infinite Yoga Health guides you through gentle exercises and relaxes your mind and body. Circulation and balance are some of the key areas of focus. They also teach you how to breath properly during labour!

Infinite Yoga Health, Various locations across Singapore, Tel: (+65) 9068 3785

Master’s Yoga Sadhan
This class teaches mamas how to stay relaxed in pain which is a super helpful skill during delivery! Classes for pre-natal mamas use wall ropes for extra support and extra fun.

Master’s Yoga Sadhan, 77A Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088498. Tel: (+65) 97748494

MotionWekz has a prenatal swing yoga class for expecting mamas to stay in shape and have fun while they’re at it! Sign up now for a trial lesson!

MotionWerkz, 2 Kallang Ave #07-22, CT HUB Singapore 339407, Tel: (+65) 6444 6686

This yoga class offers classes tailored for women in all three trimesters of pregnancy. Yoga can help create space inside the uterus making it easier for your little cherub to move around in.

OhmSantih, 50A Bussorah Street, Singapore 199466, Tel: (+65) 93362556

Space & Light
Space & Light Studios
Space and Light Studios have an hour-long yoga class just for pregnant mamas. This class is for women in all stages of pregnancy. What better way is there to clear your minds and tone your bodies at the same time?

Space & Light Studios, 1 Harbourfront Walk, #03-09 Vivocity, Singapore 098585, Tel: (+65) 6376 9697

True Yoga



Physiotherapy is a good option for mums who are experiencing more problems such as pelvic pains. Physioactive offers private physiotherapy sessions with experienced experts on prenatal care.

Physioactive, One Orchard Boulevard Camden Medical Centre #11-05 Singapore 248649, Tel: (+65) 6235 2647

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