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NEW YEAR… NEW RESOLUTION! We catch up with our Sassy Mamas and talk about their plans for 2014

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SMHK-newyearresolutions-01The sound of the clock striking midnight chiming in 2014 is the sign of a New Year and new resolutions! We asked our very own “That Mamas” (as well as our own Sassy team members!) to find out what their good intentions are for the next 12 months. Many have resolved to become more patient, a few have set their sights on perfecting the art of relaxation, while others want to be more courageous. You’ll spot them practising yoga, out with their mama friends and balancing careers with their families in the year of the Horse. Out with the old and in with the new… here’s to a fab New Year whether your challenges are big or small!

photo-6-1 Jani Combrinklactation consultant and creator of the fabulous Facebook support group, “Stork’s Nest

I plan on being more present, more aware, and more patient with my children, myself and others. I hope to take more time relating to others, listening better, and empathizing more. I hope to learn something new every day, and to teach something new to someone else every day. I hope to make someone else’s day better, every day, and to leave my day behind when it’s done.


DSC_0859.1wSophia Loy, founder of Petite Bakehouse and mama of five!

My New Year’s Resolution is to create even more yummy goodies for my customers (and my family too!). Most importantly, I’d like to bring my business to the next level. Wish me luck!


DCG11(1)Hester Abaour Sassy Mama co-founder, playing and exploring with tots in tow!

I’d like to start doing more yoga. I always feel more calm and centred after a class, and it helps me calm my “mama monkey brain” which is always focused on my to-do list. I’m thinking of trying out hot yoga for the first time… Watch this space!


photo-11 Michelle Lee-Farlowour super-busy mama on the go who sniffs out all Singapore’s best-kept secrets!

I want to finally finish my half-written book and find a publisher, as well as being more courageous in all aspects of my life. I also want to be nicer to myself and more patient with others!




DSC_0859.1wJasmine Han, pole dancing mama-to-two and founder of Bobbi’s Pole Studio

This year I’m going to eat cleaner (no more processed foods), drink more water, spend more time with my husband and my friends and…… throw away my maternity undies!




DSC_0859.1wEmily Cheetham, award-winning British designer, Owner and Managing Director of Cheet London

My resolution this year is to stay in touch with my girlfriends from England… juggling time zones, mothering and working can mean going months without speaking to some of my oldest and closest friends and that saddens me! So in 2014, I will be racking up my phone bill with more overseas calls! (also I plan to stop biting my nails… I’m too old for that nasty habit!)



Lynn Yeowour mama-to-three, local gal and resident foodie!

It’s going to sound like a bit of a cliché but I want to spend more time with my boys (hubby included!) whilst maintaining my success at work. Of course, it goes without saying that I’d also like to stop eating so much suckling pig and pork lard and eat a healthy balanced diet instead!




Sofia Berman, our super sporty Swedish mama!

This year I plan to sign up for at least two running races. There is nothing like a deadline and the threat of embarrassment to keep you fit! I also want to find the time to read all the books I’ve written down in a sad to-do list on my iPhone, as well as celebrate every day achievements more often (preferably with Champagne!).



Kristin Keenour girl around town and a soon-to-be mama!

My goal for this year is to learn to be a mother (actually, it’s my new year’s resolution for every year starting from 2014!) and to lose my baby bump weight starting from March. I also plan to embrace change and go with the flow.




Claire Barr, our marathon running mama-to-two!

2014 is the year I’m going to actually tone my arm muscles (instead of talking about it!) before old age rot sets in and they’re bingo wings forever. I’ll also be signing up for a good sporting event (hello marathon!), in addition to being more patient and understanding with everyone.



Sarah Fennell, our Sassy Mama Singapore Editor!

My word for the New Year is balance. To find (and stay!) in that place where I spend enough quality time with my family (especially as my big boy starts school this year!), while dedicating myself to my work, my own health, and my relationships… oh and to celebrate every little achievement with a glass of bubbly!



Happy 2014, mamas!


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