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LINS Smoodees: We slurp on green smoothies and feel the health mama!

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What’s green, packed full of veggies and delivered fresh to your door every morning? Why that would be a green smoothie from LINS Smoodees of course! Having tried my hand at making my own green smoothies in the past (unfortunately my enthusiasm waned after a few weeks – I never seemed to have the ingredients I needed on hand!) I jumped at the chance to slurp down some veggie-packed green “smoodees” from LINS Smoodees and fill my body with healthy yummy-ness.

The premise with LINS Smoodees (which is an acronym for Lovingly Infused with Nature’s Sweetness) is simple – to make it easy for everybody to consume more fruits and raw vegetables by delivering freshly made green smoothies direct to your door everyday (except weekends and public holidays!). Made from fresh local greens, fruits, herbs, nuts and seeds, each smoothie is made with a different recipe (largely determined by what fruit and veg are fresh that day) ensuring you get a balance of produce every day and are meeting your “5-a-day” veggie needs.

LINS_BlenderAt the beginning of my trial I was given the option to try one of their three packages; the Greenhorn smoothies (they contain 15-30 grams of greens per serve), the Popeye smoothies (containing 30-60 grams of greens) or the Peter Pan smoothies (containing a whopping 60-90 grams of greens per serve!). Feeling like my body needed a bit of extra love, I decided to go for the super green Peter Pan smoothies. Over the course of my two week trail, I slurped on smoothie combos like Nai Bai, Endives and Sunflower Sprouts with Packham Pears, Local Pineapples and Thai Guavas, and Cai Xin, Wild Spinach and Sunflower Sprouts with Organic Green Apples, Red Dragonfruits, Black Grapes and Chia Seeds (among many other interesting combos!).

The smoothies themselves are not the super sweet “juices” commonly found at popular juice bars. Loaded with veggies and containing no dairy or added sugars, you can expect a smoothie that tastes a little like raw greens — it’s certainly a bit of surprise when you first taste it, but it doesn’t take long to get used to the flavour and retrain those taste buds!


The really fabulous thing about LINS Smoodees (besides the fun name!) is the sheer convenience of it all. At the beginning of your package you’re given a starter kit that contains two smoothie bottles and a green cooler bag to keep your daily order in. Each day you leave your cooler bag with an empty bottle in it outside your front door and (usually before 9am) the empty bottle is taken away and replaced with your daily smoothie! No thinking is required and it was always fun for my preschooler and I to see what smoothie was delivered to us that day.

If you’re looking for a super convenient and easy way to incorporate more fresh stuff into your (and your kids!) diet, without having to schlepp the kids to the market everyday, then it’s definitely worth ordering some “smoodee” goodness — I was sorely missing my green smoothies once my trial was up and couldn’t wait to sign up again!

LINS Smoodee packages start from $120 for a minimum of 10 days, with prices varying according to the type of smoothie chosen. At the moment deliveries are only made to the East and Central district (including Novena and Bukit Timah), but if you call them they can try and arrange a delivery to suit you.

LINS Smoodees
18 Cross Street, Marsh & Mclennan Centre, #B1-02 China Square Central, Singapore 048423
Tel: (+65) 6438 2123
Open: Mon to Fri 8:30am-5:30pm


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