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You’re Invited: Free Language and Linguistics Consultation at Learning Vision

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Find your little one talking a little too soon, or not saying “mama!” soon enough? Learning Vision can boost your child’s linguistics and communication potential

If you didn’t already know mama, infants and toddlers’ speech and language skills normally develop progressively over the first couple of years. The first three years of a child’s development are often critical in laying the foundation for overall development later on.

From responding to their name in the first 6 months, to being able to use single words in speech with meaning by the time they turn 1, and eventually developing a vocabulary bank of possibly more than 1,000 words to construct sentences and successfully express themselves by the time they turn 3, there are lots of important milestones for little ones to hit in their language journey. All the while it’s important for adults to exercise empathy with their efforts to communicate as children are designed to engage and interact with others.

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It takes two to communicate, and the early childhood educators at Learning Vision are firm believers in discovering and maximising every child’s natural strengths. That’s why they have continuously adopted the best teaching methods from around the world for the last 27 years, and are now inviting you to experience it for yourself with an hourlong consultation with one of their learning experts!

This September, get a better grasp on your child’s linguistics and communication abilities by joining Learning Vision’s Discovery Workshop, which gives parents an opportunity to observe, analyse and respond to the unique way their child experiences the world through language. With a strong foundation, you can then propel them forward to absorb only the best learning experiences in life.


If your child is 6 years old or under, attend the workshop and observe as he/she reacts to the tailored hour-long session, with an interactive guided portion specially designed to promote your child’s linguistics and communication abilities while exploring designated topics, tools and materials in a stimulated environment. During the session, parents will have the chance to analyse and respond to their child’s natural strengths together with the curriculum experts during a 1-on-1 consultation.

All the details!
What: Linguistics and Communication Discovery Workshop and 1-on-1 consultation
Where: Learning Vision @ Temasek Club, 131 Rifle Range Rd, Singapore 588396
When: Saturday, 17 September, 9am – 3pm
How much: Free! Seats are on a first come, first serve basis so register below now, mamas!

Learning Vision,

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