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Groomed for Growth: Physical Health Education, Competitive Sports & Wellness at GESS

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From swim classes in the Olympic-sized pool to competitive sports teams and strategy games, the Physical Health + Sports Programme at GESS boosts students’ lifelong wellness

We all know the basic facts about GESS: it’s a Singapore international school catering to students aged 18 months to 18 years, it’s got a stunning state-of-the-art campus, and it offers a choice between the English IB Curriculum and the German Curriculum to students of over 65 nationalities.

wellness at gess physical education health class
Physical Health and Education is an important part of the GESS curriculum at every grade level

Besides its diversity and dynamic academic approach, what else sets GESS apart? We’re really impressed by the school’s rigorous Physical Health Education (PHE) and Sports Programme, which is integrated into each and every child’s school day to show students the value and importance of physical (and mental) well-being.

Physical health and wellness are part of the GESS curriculum from the very start: every student participates in the structured PHE programme that focuses on sports health, mental health, and general health, along with core values like teamwork and both team and individual sports competencies.

wellness at GESS mandatory swim class olympic sized swimming pool
At GESS Swim classes in the Olympic-sized pool are part of the Primary School curriculum

All Primary School children at GESS take mandatory weekly swim classes led by certified swimming instructors in the school’s Olympic-sized pool. We love that this is part of the curriculum, with no extra cost! In addition, across all grades kiddos develop a tactical understanding of and learn to play a wide variety of sports such as Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Track & Field (Athletics). These are all available as CCAs, where students can also take advantage of unique offerings like Krav Maga or Yoga.

GESS students who want to pursue competitive sports have a huge range of offerings to choose from throughout the year: GESS is a member of the prestigious Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS), and also participates in the Biannual SOAS GAMES organized in the Southeast Asia region. The annual GESS Volkswagen Cup is actually the biggest indoor football tournament in Singapore, and the school also plays host to an annual Swim Gala for charity.

wellness at GESS kids soccer girls football
GESS hosts Singapore’s biggest indoor soccer tournament, the GESS Volkswagen Cup

From the littlest learners to its most accomplished competitive athletes, GESS aims to nurture a desire for lifelong participation in physical activities so as to boost wellness. Key life skills like teamwork, being committed to a team, taking a responsibility and fair play are important values that the school hopes to instill in its students for life!

Want to learn more about GESS, its community and its IB curriculum? Sign up for their upcoming Online Open House happening on 2 April 2020!

GESS, 2 Dairy Farm Lane, Singapore 677621, [email protected]

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