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Can You Teach Young Tots to Be Articulate Speakers in Both Mandarin AND English?

The Little Skool-House LSH programme
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Would you like your child to be an articulate speaker, an independent thinker and proficient in Mandarin and English? The Little Skool-House has found a way!

The Little Skool-House (LSH) has a unique curriculum that encourages children from infancy to age 6 to be highly articulate! And here’s the most interesting part, these tots are proficient in both Mandarin and English – talk about giving young kids a headstart in life skills! This premium preschool is devoted to nurturing bilingual children who are eloquent, and the lessons here are designed to equip children with useful life skills for their future (and who knows, these tots might even teach mama and dad a thing or two as well!) The preschool’s success is impressive as demonstrated by their new LSH Tot Talks Series.

What is Tot Talks all about?

The series is focused on some of LSH’s students – dubbed ‘Tot Leaders’ – giving unassuming adults various life lessons. Each student has been given an imaginary ‘career’, and they share small nuggets of wisdom about succeeding in your career or how to get ahead in life. The knowledge they impart comes from the eyes of a child, and there’s plenty to learn from these little superheroes.

For example, Yuzheng, an ‘athlete’, talks about never giving up even when life gets tough; Mathieu, an ‘environmental activist’ explains how you don’t need to have superpowers to save the earth because every small action counts. Yu Xuan, who portrays a lawyer, proves to us that while taking the initiative for big challenges can seem scary, it’s always worth the risk; and ‘life coach’ Megan shows how to conquer fear and face them head-on like she does the monsters under her bed.

bilingual child reading mandarin at the little skool house kindergarten

Prepping LSH’s Tot Leaders

Each LSH Tot Leader is an independent thinker, thanks to the preschool’s unique Primary School Formation programme. This programme preps children for Primary 1 and the future and features the following modules:

  • Mandarin Theatre teaches children the art of peer negotiation, planning and production, problem-solving and self-assessments entirely in Mandarin.
  • Builders & Innovation hones your child’s ability to think, analyse and reason before expressing their take on complex ideas. Topics include knowing which fruits can conduct electricity, how buildings are constructed and how the human digestive system works. Builders & Innovation is conducted in both English and Mandarin.
  • Weekly Journal Writing shapes their ability to express their own ideas and carry difficult conversations in Mandarin and English regularly.

The Little Skool-House’ holistic curriculum is backed by solid success, too. In a recent study by NTU, 93% of LSH’s students were found to be bilingually proficient, and their teachers have won various awards in the last eight years. Want to discover LSH’s unique curriculum for yourself? Click here to sign up for a guided tour today!

Register your child at The Little Skool-House from now till 31 July 2021 to enjoy up to $2,000 in fee rebates!

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