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Catch Fish, Climb Trees, Build a Tent & Learn Other Survival Skills with Outdoor School Singapore

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Could your kids survive the great outdoors on their own? Teach them valuable survival skills with camps & classes at Outdoor School Singapore

We get our fair share of exposure to western TV here in Singapore – don’t camping episodes always look so fun? If your kids are particularly drawn to activities like building a tent, climbing trees or even wading through ‘swamps’, they actually can thanks to Outdoor School Singapore (OSS)!

OSS believes that much learning actually takes place outside the four walls of a classroom. They’re known for hosting day adventures and camps for children 4 to 9 years old for various schools, allowing kids to discover nature parks and reserves in Singapore. In turn, kids develop their ecological awareness, empathy and intelligence, in order to become risk-takers and responsible, resilient citizens.

outdoor school singapore

What Kids Learn at Outdoor School Singapore

OSS works with schools, parents and organisations to provide a multi-sensory experience outside of the classroom, surrounded by nature. Through an enjoyable, creative and adventurous learning journey, kids can grow as confident and responsible global citizens who value and appreciate our natural environment.

Their curriculum is a combination of Outdoor Adventure (survival skills) and Outdoor Learning (connect with nature). Through activities, children hone important survival skills, learn about Singapore’s vibrant flora and fauna (and the importance of environmental conservation), and get active with experiences like supervised climbing activities and building their own shelter.

OSS Holiday Camps & Enrichment Activities

Early 2021 will see the exciting return of OSS’s popular Survival Series, in which kiddos will learn the vital skills required to survive in the wild (or any situation where they’re faced with limited resources). Skills covered include knot tying, map reading and first aid, which are all applicable not just in the outdoors, but also in their daily lives! Children will also have the chance to learn about animals, flora, and fauna through exciting first-hand experiences at Singapore’s fabulous nature reserves and parks. This weekly enrichment programme will encompass both online learning and on-site outdoor activities.

The next holiday programme will commence in March 2021. OSS will be conducting the Water [email protected] Catchment, Enchanted [email protected] Farm and Forest [email protected] Park programmes during the March and June/July Holidays! The camps will focus on managing risks in the outdoors, survival skills and developing an appreciation of nature. Kids can immerse themselves in the natural environment while having fun and learning essential life skills, and parents will be happy to know that meals and transport are provided for day adventures and camps.

Sign your kiddos up for some adventure-filled fun and contact Outdoor School Singapore today, mamas!

Outdoor School Singapore, 229 Mountbatten Road, #01-04 Mountbatten Square, Tel: (+65) 6346 3227, [email protected],,, @outdoorschoolsg

Brought to you in partnership with Outdoor School Singapore

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