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How GIIS’s IB PYP teaches all kids to take control of their learning

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Through conceptual and inquiry-based learning GIIS’s IB PYP encourages children to take control of their education by asking questions like: “What do I really want to learn from this?” and “What other concepts can I explore from this subject?”

As parents, we often worry about keeping our children motivated, whether they’re tackling tasks, learning new skills, or exploring hobbies. It’s not uncommon for us to witness our kids diving into a hobby with enthusiasm only to lose interest just as quickly. Or, they might start a school project excitedly but then struggle to stay engaged. The team at Global Indian International School (GIIS) understands these challenges. Their IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) uses inquiry-based, transdisciplinary learning to keep children curious and motivated. This holistic education system is meticulously planned to show how content connects to bigger ideas or concepts so students understand the real life applications. They go one step further and give students control of their learning, shaping them into independent, lifelong learners.

A holistic curriculum for future-ready learners


Understanding the importance of establishing motivation and self-regulation early on, GIIS’s IB PYP is tailored for children aged 3-11. Emphasising inquiry-based learning, the programme encourages children to cultivate their natural curiosity, thereby enhancing learning effectiveness and empowering students to play an active role in their education. This approach supports improved knowledge retention throughout their academic journey.

Ms. Manju Nair, the PYP coordinator at GIIS’s Punggol campus, characterises the programme as a robust curriculum aimed at nurturing lifelong learners. The programme focuses on developing essential skills that benefit students not only during their academic years but also in their future endeavours. The IB PYP’s inquiry-based approach ensures that all students, regardless of personality, have equal opportunities to participate and engage, resulting in a more inclusive school environment for extroverts and introverts alike. This fosters collaboration and active involvement, shaping them into future-ready learners. Ms Nair emphasises that “knowledge has exponentially increased over the years, and traditional ways won’t work anymore,” highlighting the need for innovative educational methods to prepare students for a dynamic world.

Ensuring your child takes ownership of their learning


To foster independent learning, the IB PYP adopts a self-led model where students actively choose how to approach subjects, conduct research, and present their work. This approach promotes independence and creativity and develops collaboration, communication skills, responsibility, discipline, and pride.

GIIS believes that for students to truly grasp a subject or concept, they must explore resources, share ideas, and ask questions. Daily lessons at GIIS incorporate various materials such as video, audio, and text, emphasising discussions. Ms. Deepika Mohanty, the PYP Deputy Coordinator at GIIS’s Punggol campus, elaborates, “In a typical classroom day at GIIS, students engage in lively discussions on diverse concepts across subjects while collaborating with peers. For instance, Grade 4 students learn about adaptation by creating storyboards that explore animal evolution and how animals adapt to their habitats. These assignments are displayed in classrooms, encouraging classmates to contribute ideas and engage in discussions.”

Educators at GIIS play a crucial role in guiding the self-led learning process. They facilitate lessons that connect content to broader ideas and concepts and it is this transdisciplinary learning that allows students to apply their knowledge to real-life situations and transfer their understanding across different subjects. Most importantly, educators empower students with agency, promoting choice, voice, and ownership essential for independent learning.

Eager to learn how your child can become a confident and independent learner with GIIS’s IB Primary Years Programme? Enquire with the admissions team today!

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This post was made in partnership with Global Indian International School

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