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House on the Hill Montessori Preschool is Now at Hollandse Club and Open to Non-Members

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Did you hear? House on the Hill has a new Montessori preschool campus at the family-friendly Hollandse Club with lush green spaces, a dedicated outdoor space and purpose-built classrooms!

House on the Hill, which has been a go-to Montessori preschool for parents since 2012, is known for its holistic approach to early childhood education. This family-run school is bringing its vision to the Hollandse Club with a brand-new campus that’s already promising to inspire little ones in their first steps towards a successful education. This new preschool will be open to members and non-members of the family-centric Hollandse Club, so it’s no wonder residents around the Bukit Timah area are excited to enrol their kiddos!

Montessori approach to classroom design

Tucked away in Bukit Timah and surrounded by lush jungle, House on the Hill Hollandse Club retains its Montessori approach for the design of each classroom. This recognizes that each child is born with unique potential. Children learn at their own pace, guided by highly trained teachers through a personalised curriculum suited to their unique abilities, interests, and learning style. Children are often found happily focused on their own work, either in small groups or on their own, at low, child-sized tables or on the floor near small mats that delineate their own space.

The classrooms are designed intentionally to encourage independence and self-sufficiency in children. Children who are independent and make self-directed choices develop self-confidence and experience pride when they accomplish their goals. To that end, specially designed manipulative materials from Nienhuis Montessori are displayed invitingly on low, open shelves. Child-sized furniture and fixtures, such as low sinks and toilets, help make it easy for little hands to use, grasp, move and learn with. Uninterrupted blocks of work time (3 hours in length) allow children to work at their own pace and fully immerse themselves in an activity without interruption.

Additionally, a hallmark of Montessori education is the vertical learning structure that mixes children of different ages and abilities in the same classroom. In House on the Hill classrooms, younger children look to their older peers for social and academic support, and older children learn leadership and responsibility.

HOTH Playgrounds

Outdoor playground & small teacher-student ratios

The classrooms aren’t the only inviting spaces at House on the Hill Hollandse Club. A quick peek will show you their dedicated outdoor space, in which sits a handsome all-cedar wood playground with climbing structures and slides where children are free to explore their senses and play in a stimulating environment that doesn’t overwhelm. As with House on the Hill’s three other campuses, this preschool also prides itself on its small teacher-student ratios, full-day, half-day or flexi care options, as well as a supportive environment for parents through parenting workshops and other parent-based events.

Keen to see how House on the Hill can nurture your child’s confidence, independence and social skills? Sign up for their upcoming Open House at House on the Hill Hollandse Club. You’ll get to meet the school principal who will answer all your questions about the curriculum and school life.

House on the Hill Hollandse Club Open House

Date: 14 August 2022
Time: 10am – 3pm
Venue: 22 Camden Park, Singapore 299814. Click here to RSVP!

House on the Hill, 22 Camden Park, Singapore 299814, [email protected] Tel: (+65) 6530 3955,

Brought to you in partnership with House on the Hill

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