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The Benefits of Starting Montessori Early: Introducing the New Montessori Infant Programme at House on the Hill Montessori

house on the hill montessori
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Parents have raved about House on the Hill Montessori since it opened 7 years ago; now it provides babies and toddlers with an even stronger Montessori foundation with its innovative new Infant Programme

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the Montessori method of learning, and given the wide array of Montessori schools in Singapore, we’re clearly not the only ones! But all Montessoris are not created equal – there are only so many schools that feature core Montessori principles like mixed-age classrooms, three-hour work blocks, and signature Montessori classroom materials like sandpaper letters or the famous pink tower.

house on the hill montessori
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House on the Hill Montessori just so happens to be one of those schools, mama! They’ve got three central locations across Singapore – at Mount Sophia (behind Plaza Singapura), Balmoral and Pasir Panjang – and have just introduced a brand new infant programme (for ages 2-17 months) at their beautiful Balmoral location! All three of their locations also cater to children from 18 months through 6 years of age.

What sets House on the Hill apart?

Values-based, socially aware, and results-driven, House on the Hill was founded in 2012 and is family-run (in fact the owners’ children attend the school!). Each location is purposefully and thoughtfully designed, with inviting, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing indoor environments as well as lots of places for outdoor play. All of HotH’s environments have been carefully designed to subtly nurture children’s sensorial and motor skills development.

House on the Hill is also somewhat famous for their nutrition programme, designed in collaboration with noted British nutrition therapist Ian Marber (aka “The Food Doctor”). HotH sources the highest quality produce to create well-balanced and nutritious meals, and parents will be delighted to learn their tasty menus have no added salt or sugar!

house on the hill montessori infant baby programme

Montessori from the Start: Montessori for Infants at Balmoral

House on the Hill is truly committed to the values of the Montessori Method, in which teachers serve as guides to help each child progress at their own pace through their own individual learning journey. In a Montessori classroom, children have the freedom to follow their own instincts and to choose the activities that call to them, developing creative independence and their own individual talents in the process. The school is so committed to these principles, in fact, that it wants to instil them in children from the very start. The result: Montessori for Infants at Balmoral, their first Infant programme for babies from 2 to 17 months of age.

house on the hill montessori infants babies teacher play

Set within a cosy residential house with a giant garden, HotH Balmoral provides a nurturing, homelike environment for babies and toddlers that also encourages exploration and discovery. Taking cues from the renowned Maria Montessori Association, the infant programme features both “Non-Walking” and “Walking” rooms, each with four homelike areas for sleeping, personal care, eating, and living/playing. Here children can develop awareness of their own bodies through practical tasks like bathing and dressing, or learn about food preparation and eating with utensils in the child-sized food area. Babies are far more capable than we give them credit for – just check out this video of an infant pouring water from a glass jug!

Maria Montessori was fond of the phrase “Help me to do it by myself.” Through everyday tasks like eating, dressing and toileting, very young children are empowered to hit these milestones at their own pace (though often at a precociously early age!). Some goals of the approach include:

  • Providing a safe environment that stimulates the senses
  • To enrich the child’s vocabulary and understanding of language
  • Nurturing infants’ curiosity and drive for independent exploration
  • Providing consistent and expert care for every step of their development

house on the hill montessori infant baby toddler mirror play

Sounds pretty inspiring, no?! To find out more, check out House on the Hill Montessori’s upcoming Open Week. See full details below! House on the Hill offers full day, half-day and flexi-care options, and makes every effort to work with parents to find suitable pick-up and drop-off times that suit every child’s learning and their family’s needs.

All the details!
What: House on the Hill Montessori Open Week
Daily school tours: Monday, 14 September – Friday, 18 September 2020
Online Lunch Time Chats: Monday, 14 September, 1pm & Friday, 18 September, 1pm
Nido (Montessori for Infants) School Tour at Balmoral: Wednesday, 16 September 2020, 9:30am
Where: School tours and lunch time chats are held online via ZOOM.

Click here for all the Open Week details!

*Only at Balmoral* NIDO: Montessori for Infants
The perfect nurturing environment for infants ages 2 to 17 months. Come explore NIDO – HotH’s new Montessori for Infants program. Located in the new wing of the Balmoral campus.!

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