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How Does Your Child Learn Best? English Specialist LCentral Has Ways to Engage Every Learner!

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So much more than English literacy! This premier English enrichment specialist harnesses the power of innovative learning methods for a unique educational model that delivers results.

On the hunt for English language enrichment or tuition classes for your child in Singapore? This premier English specialist hits the sweet spot. With 14 centres across the island, LCentral has created an English literacy curriculum for children aged 3 to 12 that activate the three main modes of learning – auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. It’s the perfect balance!

So how do they do this?  LCentral’s 360 Teaching Method merges a carefully crafted curriculum with supportive teachers, innovative technology and flexible learning spaces. The result is a smart classroom and dynamic teaching practice that successfully develops the four fundamental language skills essential to growing your child’s communication ability: namely, reading, writing, speaking and listening.

We take a closer look at how LCentral taps into each learning style to create confident and self-directed learners with a lifelong love of the English language:


Quite simply, auditory learning is activated by listening. LCentral’s English Specialists channel this with educational videos that provide detailed explanations and insights, allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of each topic. Modelling accurate and effective speech is key, especially when it comes to preparation for the PSLE. The English Specialists have in-depth knowledge of the expected outcomes of the MOE syllabus, ensuring that your child is on track for the next step in their education.

So much more than English literacy! This premier English specialist harnesses the power of common learning methods for a unique educational model that delivers results.


As visual learning goes beyond reading, there are heaps of opportunities at LCentral to step outside of the workbooks. For younger learners, visually appealing literacy cards with a combination of words and pictures are used to teach vocabulary and sounds. What’s more, every classroom has a Smart Digital Device that makes the learning material come alive for students. From interactive literacy activities and ebooks, to videos and lesson slides, the multimedia delivery of primary programmes is a highlight of the curriculum. This technology also allows for hybrid lessons, accommodating in-person and online students at the same time. One less taxi run, mamas!


kinaesthetic learners

Kinaesthetic learning is activated by interacting with their environment, so LCentral spices up lessons with planned or spontaneous hands-on activities. Students manipulate cards and are encouraged to express their thoughts on whiteboards through writing and drawing. Furniture is movable so your child can learn in an active manner and, above all, curiosity is encouraged. Skills such as problem-solving, inquiry, collaboration and communication are natural by-products of this fun teaching method. Didn’t we say that this is way more than just English literacy?

Contact LCentral to enrol your child and enquire about sign-up incentives at your local centre.

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