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You’re Invited to the CIS Kindergarten Open House: Explore How Kids at CIS Learn Through Play-Based Activities

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Why is an inquiry, play-based approach one of the best ways for kids to learn? Find out at the CIS Kindergarten Open House where kids can experience the fun of learning through art, STEAM, and more!

When your kids paint, explore patterns through weaving and construct inventions out of recycled materials, are they playing or learning? Both, says Canadian International School (CIS). Learning through inquiry and purposeful play lies at the heart of a student’s education at CIS. But that does not mean a lack of structure or guidance by teachers. CIS has carefully designed an engaging, inquiry-based hands-on approach to ensure that each student learns in an enjoyable and memorable way, guided by teachers. Your child may come home from school and say they had so much fun playing outside with water. Behind the scenes, this activity is designed so that the teacher can give out different shapes and encourage children to fill them with water to explore the concepts of volume and capacity. So kids start learning without even realising it, all whilst enjoying themselves.

Keen to know what other kinds of play-based activities kids get up to at CIS? Join one of their Kindergarten Open House mornings at their Tanjong Katong or Lakeside campus! But hurry as spaces are filling up fast!

CIS kindergarten open house

You’re Invited: the CIS Inquiry, Play-based Kindergarten Open House

Join one of the upcoming free CIS Kindergarten Open House mornings and you and your child can experience the CIS inquiry, play-based approach to learning.

Some of the fun activities in store at the CIS Kindergarten Open House include:

  • Active Art: Get creative and experiment with textures, blends, and colours. This fun activity exploring different painting motions, textures, blends, and colours, will help your child develop their imagination, language, fine motor and collaboration skills.
  • STEAM (science – technology – entrepreneurship – arts – maths), explore construction junction! Using a variety of materials and tools we are going to explore size, shape, and textures to create a giant pyramid and more!
  • Maths: explore shape, volume, sequencing, estimating, and pattern with engaging, hands-on activities such as weaving and marble games. These are important pre-maths skills that pave the way for numeracy learning later on.
  • Literacy: discover the initial shapes and forms of the letters of the alphabet through lively multisensory activities.

CIS play-based approach at open house kindergarten

CIS students complete kindergarten equipped with the academic and soft skills to succeed throughout their school life and beyond. Students here love learning new skills and are always happy to take risks – isn’t that the best approach for anyone in today’s world of constant change? CIS’ inquiry, play-based learning gives students that upper edge creatively, and intellectually and students are often better adjusted both socially and academically.

All the deets: CIS Kindergarten Open House
15-17 February, 9-10am at Tanjong Katong campus
23-25 February, 9-10am at Lakeside campus
How much: Free! Hurry, register here, spaces are limited!
Best for: Activities are suitable for children aged 2 to 5 years old.

Excited to let your child play and learn at CIS? Register to attend the CIS dedicated Kindergarten Open House where you’ll learn all about CIS’ kindergarten programme and get to tour the campus too.

Canadian International School (CIS)
Lakeside Campus, 7 Jurong West Street 41, Singapore 649414, Tel: (+65) 6467 1732,
Tanjong Katong Campus, 371 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437128, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6345 1573,

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