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Hey Mama, We Know You Never Stopped Working: Ready To Get Paid Again?

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Being a stay-at-home mama doesn’t mean you are not ‘working’! But if you are ready to get a paid job, start here!

You’ve had one or maybe all of your babies. Maybe you’ve waited till they’ve grown up, or maybe you are ready to go back to work with your little ones looked after at home. Whatever your current sitch, looking for a job that’s the right fit doesn’t have to be a headache! You can do it all on your mobile phone thanks to GrabJobs, a technology-driven recruitment and job search platform, connecting thousands of jobseekers and employers daily. There are jobs in all different career paths, from retail to graphic design and sales, full time, part-time and work from home jobs.

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GrabJobs: Job search made easy

If you have been dreading all the paperwork of finding a new job, like filling in applications and updating your resume, you’ll be pleased to know that with GrabJobs you won’t be needing either! GrabJobs’s intelligent chatbot system does the hard work for you. With GrabJobs you can efficiently conduct your job search online with its easy application format. GrabJobs’ chatbot will put together a dynamic profile for you so you won’t even have to fill in application details for different jobs. Answer short online interviews over chat and your profile updates automatically.

Feeling a little rusty when it comes to putting your best foot forward? Don’t worry, GrabJobs has some great resources to help you up your game. Search for jobs online, get back to work tips after having a baby, swot up on best interview approaches, and more.

So what have you got to loose? Finding a paid job is just a click away, so why not set up a profile and see what GrabJob’s finds for you?

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