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Fly fashionably with The Duality’s picks for Airport Styles

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It’s an age old struggle: how to travel in style while also being comfortable (not to mention managing active toddlers)? Luckily Natalie and Gabriella, the sassy fashion duo from The Dualityhave come up with two takes on how to fly fabulously. 

Catching a flight generally creates some stress for most travellers, let along mamas trying to make sure everyone is organised! Having caught a few flights between us, we think we have some stylish, comfortable outfits that will stand up to an overnight flight and will also be the backbone of your holiday wardrobe. Because the less you pack, the more room for potential purchases!



1. Topshop Baxter jeans, $81
These jeans are a favourite of Vogue Paris editor Emmanuelle Alt and it’s easy to see why. They are perfectly slouchy and skinny plus they wear really well. I think it’s best to avoid something really tight on a flight as you are sitting for so long but will probably be getting up and down a million times if you’re dealing with active toddlers. I think a slim jean silhouette will suit most people; it can be difficult for everyone to look great in a boyfriend style jean which can be unnecessarily bulky.

2. Grana silk shirt, $63
Grana is a relatively new brand that is making basics like cotton tees, jeans and silk tops for very very reasonable prices. The catch is that it is only available online. I have a couple of these shirts at home and they are the perfect thing to travel with as they pair equally as well with denim, skirts or with bathers and a hat for a relaxed holiday look.

3. Isabel Marant wool blend jacket, $869
This jacket is beautifully unique although very practical thanks to the wool blend material which won’t crinkle during a long flight. The jacket is designed to be closely tailored to your body with exaggerated shoulders, which provides an extremely flattering silhouette. Similar to a Chanel tweed jacket, this one is a classic and pairs well with jeans and flirty skirts.

4. MICHAEL Michael Kors wool scarf, $115
A wool scarf is super versatile and will not only dress up your jeans and shirt combination, but it can also be a blanket, pillow and eye mask for your flight! Leopard print is almost a neutral in my opinion; it can go with most colours so will definitely be used many times on your trip.

5. Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, $103
The perfect airport shoe is comfy and sturdy but this Stan Smiths also inject a little bit of retro cool into your look. This original shoe has been copied by everyone from Saint Laurent to Isabel Marant but the original is still the best (and by far the cheapest!).



1. Seed Heritage Amber Sneaker, $79 (white)
The minute the pilot calls that favoured “thirty minutes to landing” call, you need easy shoes on your side to beat the on-board toilet lines. No laces, hard to pull on boots, or heels – its all about the slip-ons! Ballet flats are a safe choice, but if you’re jetting between terminals, balancing bags, bottles, and babies, these sneakers fit the specs: comfortable, easy, and they look good with almost everything.

2. Marks and Spencer Cream Pure Cashmere Scarf, $254
A scarf or shawl will probably be your best friend on any flight, given its multi-purpose functionality. Use it as a blanket, roll it up to serve as extra head support, or wear it as it is intended, picking a contrasting colour to your base to lift any all-black flight uniform. I’m loving beige and white, even in winter, and this is a low risk way to wear it on-board!

3. Cos Knit Trousers, $108
The last thing you want on a plane is uncomfortable pants. Thanks to the likes of Stella McCartney, Theory and Alexander Wang, track pants need not be limited to the gym or confines of your home, nor are they synonymous with two-piece velour Juicy Couture ensembles anymore. The rise of sports luxe, done tastefully, now makes airplane travel a whole lot easier. I love these Cos knitted trousers as they’re soft, wide cut, and don’t crush. Plus, the silk pockets make it that little bit more dressy.

4. Grana Crew Neck T-shirt, $17
Layers are a must on planes — it can go from mad hot flash central, to arctic conditions, and back. Also necessary when you’re going between climates. I love these tees from Grana. They’re breathable and soft, yet well cut enough to give you shape. If you’re anything like me, I will notoriously drop something on myself at some stage during the flight, so an all-black base disguises most things that you or the kids spill.

5. J.Crew Chambray Blazer, $335
For check-in and boarding, I always like to look a little more formal, and a well tailored blazer brings to life the whole outfit whilst potentially upping your chances of an upgrade too! It’s something you’ll be able to integrate with other pieces you pack, and it can take you between cities, climates and settings quite smoothly. Plus, added bonus – it helps to make you look at little sharper after a long 12 hours in the air.

6. Uniqlo Cashmere Cardigan, $137
Naturally, a blazer is not the comfiest to wear seated for long hours, so swap out of that and into this! Cashmere is ideal as it travels so well; it’s light, doesn’t crush or leave behind fibres like angora wool does, and it gives you maximum warmth.

7. Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask, $40
This little baby is a new favourite: block out those bright lights with this silk sleep mask! It’s super soft, padded, and doesn’t pull or stretch your skin. It also touts anti-ageing, but I like it because it brings in a little bit of home and luxury to ease the discomfort of airplane travel. Now, for some Champagne!

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