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Dairy Milk Except it’s Vegan-friendly and Made WITHOUT Cows! Very Dairy Milk Hits Shelves in Singapore

very dairy milk no cows
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Very Dairy is Asia’s first milk that’s nature-identical to traditional dairy milk yet produced entirely without cows!

There’s a fab new dairy brand in town that’s got tongues wagging, and with good reason. Very Dairy is Asia’s first milk that tastes just like cow’s milk but is made without a single udder in sight – and, no, it’s not plant-based! It’s real dairy milk that’s completely animal-free. Here’s the secret…

Very Dairy uses Perfect Day’s proprietary animal-free whey protein, which is made by microflora to make dairy protein that is nature-identical to traditional milk. How exactly does this work? The microflora are given the genetic code for whey protein, fed plant sugar, and then, through the process of fermentation convert these ingredients into animal-free whey protein. This isn’t a milk substitute, mamas – it’s the real deal but made with microflora, rather than cows!

All the same good stuff as milk except no lactose, cholesterol or hormones!

very dairy milk no cows

Very Dairy has all the creamy goodness of traditional milk, with none of the things you don’t like about it.

This whey production process uses no animals, reduces water use by up to 99%, emits up to 97% less greenhouse gas emissions, and uses up to 60% less non-renewable energy compared to conventional cow dairy production methods.

Very Dairy can be enjoyed by those who are lactose intolerant, and it is a good source of protein and calcium plus it’s low in sugar. It’s also vegan-friendly (it still contains milk allergens as it is real dairy after all!) and it’s free from cholesterol and hormones.

What does Very Dairy look and taste like?

Very Dairy looks the same as traditional milk and it even swirls the same way when you’re making your cappuccino or adding it to cereal! Tastewise it has a hint of sweetness and a good creamy mouthfeel. Most importantly Very Dairy milk will get the thumbs up from the younger members of your broods who often find making the switch from traditional dairy to non-dairy or plant-based dairy the most tricky.

Very Dairy flavours – Plain, Strawberry and Chocolate

very dairy milk no cows

Very Dairy is available in three flavours – Plain, Strawberry and Chocolate. Plain is ideal for coffee, tea, cereal or used in your favourite recipes; Strawberry is a creamy and refreshing drink with a sweet hint of strawberries, and Chocolate is an indulgent treat crafted with premium cocoa. Milk moustache contest, anyone?

Popping up on breakfast tables across Singapore, Very Dairy is naturally sustainable, giving it a big tick for the planet-conscious, too. No factory farming here you’ll be glad to know.

Ready to get slurping? Very Dairy is priced at $4.95 for 1L and is available at FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant and RedMart islandwide.

Brought to you in partnership with Very Dairy 

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