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How to Take a Good Holiday Photo: Tips From the Experts!

how to take a good holiday photo
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Check out these tips from some of Singapore’s top family photographers on how to take a good holiday photo, mama!

Whether you want to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas, or are determined to send a family Christmas card to friends and relatives, knowing how to take a good holiday photo can be tricky! Fortunately we’ve rounded up tips from some of our favourite Sassy Mama family photographers to help you get the perfect shot.

how to take a good holiday photo

Littleones Photography

Top Tip: ‘Keep things simple! Put the kids in Christmas PJ’s or in a woolly hat and scarf, and set them up against a simple white background (also works for pets!). If you’d prefer a tropical feel, head to the Botanic Gardens or Gardens by the Bay and find a palm tree or other tropical plants. Pop Santa hats on the kids and voila – instant Christmas in the tropics!’

Pro Tip: ‘To create a bokeh effect on any background (where you blur out the background to create an interesting effect) use a wide aperture. This technique works particularly well with fairy lights and Christmas tree lights.’

Award-winning Littleones Photography specialises in newborn, children and family portraits. They offer outdoor photography sessions with a candid lifestyle look, or families can opt to go to the Littleones Photography studio or have their sessions at home.

Littleones Photography, 5 Walton Road Singapore 436824, email [email protected] or Tel: (+65) 6440 7568,

how to take a good holiday photo

White Room Studio

Top Tips: ‘Clever usage of natural light will ensure your photographs are lit up beautifully; just have your subject facing the light when possible. Put your family in the holiday mood by coordinating your outfits – think bright rich colours – and include some holiday props to add a festive touch! We love fairy lights, baubles and bubbles — works magic on photos!’

‘Make good use of your jet lag and get out early! Take advantage of the low, soft sunlight from a rising sun at its optimal position for portraits, and the cool temperature before it gets too warm. The best part? After you’ve done all the walking around and taking portraits of your family in the fresh, crisp light of day, you’ll find that you still have plenty of hours in the day. What a great feeling it is to have achieved something awesome when others are just getting out and about!’

Pro Tip: ‘While on holidays, a good travel camera bag is vital! You’ll want to be able to fit your camera, lenses, as well as other travel essentials like water bottle, maps, and phones. For holiday family portraits including everyone (yes, even you, photographer!) try to pack a lightweight carbon fibre tripod stand as well. This way, you can set your camera on timer and jump into the scene with the rest of your family for a not-too-posey shot!’

White Room Studio is situated in a Peranakan shophouse full of nostalgic character, and excellent natural lighting! Whether they’re shooting in the studio or the great outdoors, their professional photographers make your family feel at home during the session, ensuring candid photos that capture real interactions and emotions.

White Room Studio, 219 River Valley Road, Level 2, Singapore 238277, email [email protected] or Tel: (+65) 6235 7037,

how to take a good holiday photo larry toh

Larry Toh Photography

Top Tip: ‘I believe the most powerful photographs are those of real moments, and real emotions. So my advice is to not interrupt the scene that is happening in front of you. Usually the best moments are ruined when you call out ‘Smile!’ or ‘Look over here!’. This holiday, before you press the shutter, I urge you to spend some time observing your family. Observe the individuals, and observe the relationships between them, and then frame your shot and capture the moment.’

christmas dinner 2019 singapore christmas turkeySassy Mama readers can get $80 off any photo shoot booked before Christmas with the code #SASSY80. (The actual shoot can be arranged any time between time of booking until March 2020.)

With a stark, documentary style, Larry Toh captures those simple, in-between moments of joy and love that we’ll someday look back on and remember fondly, even if we’re in too much of a hurry to notice them in the moment. A devoted dad who gave up his day job to pursue his passion for photography and spend more time with his family (and help other families preserve their own precious moments), Larry’s story is as stunning and moving as his photos.

Larry Toh Photography, email [email protected] or Tel: (+65) 9138 9599,

how to take a good holiday photo

Other Top Tips:

‘In Singapore, if you photograph during daytime the sun is right above you, which results in squinting eyes and harsh shadows on the subjects’ faces. The best time of day to photograph is either early morning around sunrise, or late afternoon about an hour before sunset. Put the subjects between you and the sun to get a beautiful backlight in your images!’

Gunilla from Sugarlight Photography

‘Smartphones are absolutely great in daylight, but in the dark (or with flash) they are not. If you can’t be outside, try to strategically place the kids close to a window or bright area if you want to capture them opening their gifts. Smartphones are fabulous for being a little discreet and capturing those candid moments undetected.’

Carolyn from Melia Photography

take a good holiday photo Kerry Cheah Red Bus photography

‘Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to capture your family enjoying the holiday decorations and events outside your home.  Younger kids in particular still have a sense of wonder at the festive displays and multiple Santa Clauses all over town, and you will want to capture this for posterity before the teenage years take over!’

Kerry from Red Bus Photography

Now you know how to take a good holiday photo, mama, so grab your camera or smartphone and get snapping!

Lead image via Getty, image #1 courtesy of Littleones Photography, image #2 courtesy of White Room Studio, image #3 courtesy of Larry Toh Photography, image #4 courtesy of Pexels, image #5 courtesy of Red Bus Photography

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