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How Kids Can Benefit from Children’s Cove Preschool’s Outdoor Spaces & Award-winning Curriculum

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Looking for a preschool that’s child-centred, has plenty of outdoor facilities and is environmentally conscious? You’ll love Children’s Cove Preschool

Children’s Cove Preschool offers Infant Care for babies from 2 months old up to Kindergarten (5-6 years old). Established in 2010, this ‘small’ preschool with four centres islandwide has made quite a name for itself in the local preschool scene. Keep reading to find out why plus how to get 25% off the monthly preschool fees for the first 2 months!

The Award-winning COVE Approach

The COVE Approach stands for Child-Centred, Outcome-Aware, Values-Based and Environmentally-Conscious. Children are given the opportunity to develop their desire to explore the world around them to encourage self-motivated learning, and are taught practical and relevant lessons to ensure confidence and competence at Children’s Cove Preschool. There’s also a strong focus on character-building so kids can grow up caring, confident, creative, curious and competent (all the great qualities we want in our kids!). And because our planet is ageing, there’s never been a better time to preserve the environment – Children’s Cove Preschool often regards the environment around us as the children’s classroom, actively exposing them to its lessons so that they may gain a deep understanding of the world that also teaches them to care for it.

Ample Indoor & Outdoor Facilities

Children’s Cove prides itself on designing schools with children in mind, making sure to create safe, secure and inspiring environments. On top of the specially created learning corners for kids to explore and learn, each school has an impressive amount of outdoor space in each centre:

children's cove preschool

Jalan Penjara: The school with the largest outdoor experience

Boasting a size of over 30,000 square feet and surrounded by lush greenery and the great outdoors, Children’s Cove @ Jalan Penjara is conveniently located just a stone’s throw from the Queenstown MRT and the CBD. This centre is fully equipped with purpose-built classrooms, completely air-conditioned interiors and an incredible outdoor space that features an Outdoor Classroom, Edible Garden, Sand Pit, Mud Kitchen, Water Play Area, Playground, Trampoline, Cycling Zone and Sound Garden.

children's cove preschool

Orange Grove: The most well-equipped centre

The Orange Grove centre happens to feature the preschool’s most seasoned team of teachers, each with a wealth of experience in early childhood. Don’t underestimate its homely interior – the centre is teeming with exotic musical instruments, nearly 1,000 unique storybook titles, and even microscopes, while a large garden space awaits outside so kids can feel the grass beneath their feet.

Novena: The centre located in a beautiful estate

Children’s Cove @ Novena is a charming purpose-built playhouse located on a quiet street at the edges of Orchard Road. The space was created with our tropical weather in mind, cleverly shaded under large trees so kids can stay cool and airy even on the hottest of days. The sprawling outdoor garden gives children more than enough space to explore and learn in the bright outdoors. When the kids are all tuckered out, they can retreat to the cool indoors for a satisfying nap. Don’t mind if we do!

Close Partnership with Parents

Us parents are our children’s first teachers, so it’s only natural for us to actively be a part of their education. To get parents more involved with the kids’ learning, Children’s Cove makes the effort to inform them in advance of the topics covered in school. Other opportunities for parent involvement include participating in children’s weekly show and tells and bringing in materials to support class activities.

Couple all this with the fact that Children’s Cove Preschool’s fees are affordable relative to other ‘branded’ schools on the island, and we’ve got a winning combo! If you’d like to see the Children’s Cove difference for yourself, register for a private school tour currently conducted on Saturdays or after school hours. Virtual school tours for weekdays can be arranged as well.

Sign up now and enjoy 25% off the monthly preschool fees for the first 2 months! Then get $120 off the monthly preschool fees from the third month onwards.
Terms and conditions apply.

Children’s Cove @ Jalan Penjara, 58 Jalan Penjara, S149382 |
Children’s Cove @ Orange Grove, 30 Orange Grove Road RELC Building #08-01, S258352 |
Children’s Cove @ Novena, 11 Akyab Road, S309975 |
Children’s Cove @ Sembawang, 604 Sembawang Road Sembawang Shopping Centre #03-08, S758459

Brought to you in partnership with Children's Cove Preschool

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