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The Bilingual Buddhist Preschool Where Teachers Don’t Have All the Answers, But Children Might!

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New preschool in Siglap! Blue Lion Preschool is all about raising Earth-loving, bilingual, community-minded children

Want your child to be immersed in an Earth-loving environment where teachers focus on instilling compassion, awareness, dignity, humour, gentleness and discipline? Blue Lion Preschool is a contemplative preschool (the first of its kind in Singapore!) with an exemplary programme rooted in a Buddhist approach to education. They look to the Asian heroes, stories and wisdom values within to offer an informed and analytical perspective, while being contemplative and respectful, considerate of the collective, and free of excessive greed and a need to dominate.

“We all have minds. Children have minds… It might be good to simply ask: Do you have a mind? It does not necessarily require an answer. The mind is so powerful. So in our education, if we could have a way to manage this mind, if we (could) have a technique to train the mind… you would be your own boss.”
– Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, Founder of Blue Lion Preschool

“Come and See” Learning Approach

Blue Lion Preschool’s “Come and See” learning approach centres around the belief in a child’s inherent capability to encounter, directly experience and discern. Here, the teacher’s role is to ask questions and not to provide the answers. Instead, the teachers and children collaborate to answer their own questions. This approach encourages children to learn values that guide them to be open, intelligent, warm, curious, kind, patient and generous.

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Practicing Mindfulness – one of the most important skills of  our time

There’s also a lot of focus on mindfulness at Blue Lion Preschool. Children discover that the current moment is the best one to seize, allowing them to live in the here and now. Teachers view every child as competent and capable, giving them the opportunity to explore the spaces and open-ended learning resources available at the school.

On top of the alternative approach, Blue Lion Preschool excels at both structured and interdisciplinary project styles across subjects like English, Chinese and Math alongside of arts and natural sciences so kids can embrace whole learning.

Life Cycles Curriculum

Where does it come from and where does it go?” This is a question that teachers consciously ask the children throughout the day. In raising eco-conscious and community-minded children, the school is passionate in encouraging recycling, low-waste and ecological awareness. This mindset influences the nature-based aspect of the Blue Lion Curriculum and provides a basis for the edible gardening, worm farming and nature walks.

Come and See how your child might benefit from an education at Blue Lion Preschool! Reach out to their team to arrange a visit.

The first 15 signups will enjoy an exclusive 50% off registration fees. Introduce yourself as a Sassy Mama reader when you register your interest to enjoy this perk!

Blue Lion Preschool, 10 Palm Avenue #02-01, Siglap Post Office, Singapore 456532, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6242 2781,,, 

Brought to you in partnership with Blue Lion Preschool

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