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Tiara Society: A paradise for pink princesses!

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At Tiara Society, treat your mini princess to a gala party of epic proportions at this gorgeously pink shrine to all things royal

As an eighties kid of slightly hippy parents, I was brought up in Osh Kosh dungarees, converse trainers and strictly unisex toys. I think I only got a My Little Pony and a Barbie followed by strenuous amount of begging and pleading, way after the age that other girls in my class at school were parading theirs. I thought then that when I had daughters, I would strive to bring them up in a similarly non-girly fashion… So how did I find myself at Tiara Society — a pink paradise fit for a Disney princess, allowing my toddler to play dress up in high heeled shoes?

I guess the moral of the story is to never have expectations about what kind of parent you’ll be, or what kind of child you’ll produce! My daughter already gets herself dressed in the mornings, shunning the shorts and t-shirts I lay out for her, insisting only on the girly-est of frocks and picking out her hair accessories. When I heard about Tiara Society having opened, I kind of knew she would LOVE it, so couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when we went there for a special treat.

tiara _2The idea of Tiara Society is that it’s kind of a princess playroom: a place where little girls (and boys!) can play dress up in the amazing selection of costumes and accessories (tiaras, wands, necklaces and shoes) and then have make-believe tea parties, play with doll houses or feed and look after doll babies. Staunch feminists (and I count myself among you) are going to feel kind of slightly uncomfortable, but your kids will adore it! Apparently some mamas go and dress up with their little ones as well as there are some adult princess costumes too — I didn’t quite go that far, but I was sorely tempted!

The Tiara Society also host children’s birthday parties as well as etiquette classes covering subjects like table manners and phone etiquette. Membership is available at a special price of $50 until the end of this month, or you can pay by individual play sessions to give it a try, at $27 an hour.

The Tiara Society, UE Square, 81 Clemenceau Ave, 03-21, Singapore 239917
Tel: (+65) 6822 9485,

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