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Why Choose a Tablet For Your Kids’ First Smart Device

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Hey, parents of school-aged kiddos! Considering what smart device is the best choice for your child? Here’s how a tablet can enhance learning and creativity (no, their handwriting won’t suffer, and yes, there are parental controls!)

It’s inevitable: our little ones grow up fast and are increasingly exposed to online games and trends from their friends. Not only that, with computer classes in school, coding CCAs and home-based learning to do online, it’s so important to give our older kids access to technology that will support their learning and creativity, while still providing a safe space for them to explore.   

If you have a kid aged 5 to 12 years old, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE series of tablets to help launch your kids safely into the digital age! These tablets give children a fantastic tool to explore their creativity and expand their minds. With the Galaxy Tab S9 FE series, parents can relax, knowing they can supervise their kids’ online activity with Samsung Kids, which offers a range of parental control options.

But why choose a tablet? Well, tablets offer the portability and flexibility that kids (and their parents!) need. Whether at home or on the go, tablets are affordable, durable and easy to carry, with a long battery life to support your kids throughout the day. Want to bring the tablet on your next visit to the beach? The Galaxy Tab S9 FE series is rated IP68, so the tablets are dust, dirt and sand-resistant. If you are worried about spillages or find the tablets needing a wipe down after a day out, they are water resistant for up to 1.5m up to 30 minutes!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablets offer:

Why Choose a Tablet For Your Kids’ First Smart Device

Creativity: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE series provides children the digital space to doodle and colour to their heart’s content. With the added S Pen, kids can explore tons of fun drawing apps (like Clip Studio Paint EX — you’ll get 6 months free with purchase of the Tab) to enhance their creative experience. Thankfully, the S Pen magnetically attaches to either the side or back of the tablet so it will not easily go missing!

Education: The large screens of the Tab S9 FE (10.9”) and Tab S9 FE+ (12.4”) are designed to enhance child-parent interaction in a diverse range of educational content. The S Pen, with its natural feel and accuracy, will help children practice their handwriting and take notes. The S Pen can also be used to navigate around the tablet and it makes searching a breeze as kids can write in the search bar as well as type. Plus, Samsung Singapore is also working with local content providers to enrich the educational content for Galaxy tablets that will be suitable for kiddos here.

Safety: With the parental controls provided through Samsung Kids, parents can manage their children’s access, profiles and playtime settings so they have peace knowing their kids are accessing only age-appropriate content. You’ll get a usage report so you know exactly what your kids are up to. Like all Galaxy flagship devices, the Samsung Galaxy S9 FE Series is protected with Samsung Knox. This means all private information stays private, and more importantly, all data on the tablet stays protected against various threats. The tablet also has Eye Comfort, which limits the blue light emission, protecting your kids’ eyesight and giving children a comfortable viewing experience even with the larger screen of the Tab S9 FE+.

Parents will especially love that there’s an option to purchase a separate microSD card for additional storage of up to 1TB, which means there’ll be enough space to download additional content for the kiddos for trips, or long drives. So you won’t need to delete your own apps or data to make space for all juniors’ data! With an impressively wide range of applications and a phenomenal 18-20 hours of battery life for video playback, the possibilities are limitless to meet the needs of your kiddos!

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE series is available in Mint and Grey (Galaxy Tab S9 FE) and Silver (Galaxy Tab S9 FE+) at the Samsung Online Store.

Brought to you in partnership with Samsung.

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