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Pregnancy Fitness: Third Trimester Workout Tips from Bloom’n Fit

These third trimester exercises and do’s & don’ts from Bloom’n Fit are sure to keep you in tip-top shape as your due date approaches!

Is that third trimester malaise starting to hit, mama? Please welcome Melinda Cassidy of mum- and child-friendly fitness company Bloom’n Fit with key tips to keep you moving and feeling great!

It’s your 3rd trimester of pregnancy and the excitement is building – you are on the home stretch! Soon you will meet the little one who is conducting their own boxing sessions in your belly and your body will be your own again – HOORAY! Not quite so exciting, though, is the fact that your energy levels may be fluctuating – and more often than not depleting – as the weeks pass by, depending on your ability to sleep and the size of the baby that you are lugging around.

Your body is under more strain as your uterus expands and there is a fair chance you are or will be experiencing (not) delightful things such as lower back pain, swollen ankles and heartburn, just to name a few!  It’s a time of contrasts and contradictions but one thing is certain – taking care of your mind and body is essential to you and your baby’s health.

Exercise plays a huge part in doing just that and research has show that women who exercise throughout their pregnancy experience fewer of the common prenatal discomforts, like the ones mentioned above.  Although it is not recommended that you take up any NEW exercise regime at this time, there is no reason not to continue exercising as you have been doing. High impact/super high intensity activities are more than likely out at this stage, however some great options are prenatal yoga, aquatic exercise like swimming, aqua aerobics or aqua spin, spin/stationary bike classes, strength and conditioning workouts, walking or even jogging if you have been able to keep it up throughout your pregnancy so far and feel comfortable continuing.

At Bloom’n FIT our third trimester “mums to be” join our regular Strolltastic classes up until about 36 weeks, or until it starts to become too uncomfortable. The workouts are a mix of cardio, body weight strength and conditioning, plus resistance band circuit training. Alternatives and modifications are offered for all exercises that are not appropriate during this stage of pregnancy such as exercises that involve lying face down on the stomach, high impact cardio exercises like burpees, bench jumps and hill sprinting for example, plus anything that involves being in the supine position (flat on your back) as this can potentially restrict fetal blood supply and effect fetal growth and development.

bloom n fit exercise third trimester

For example instead of a burpee, my pregnant mums will do a walk-down – it’s still a great cardio workout without the high impact.

  • Hill sprints and shuttle sprints are replaced with a lighter/decreased distance run.
  • Supermans and push-ups can be replaced with contra-lateral limb raises, which work the core, back, arms and legs.
  • Squats and lunges are also great low impact strength exercises to continue through the third trimester of the pregnancy and can be used in many variations as an alternative to many plyometric exercises.

Third trimester exercise “Do’s” and Don’ts”:

Do – stay well hydrated, at least 1 glass of water for every 15 minutes of exercise.
Do – wear lightweight exercise clothing.
Do – eat a pre-exercise snack of healthy proteins and carbohydrates.
Do – exercise 3 to 5 times a week.
Do – listen to your body; if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it!
Don’t – start any NEW exercise regimes that your body is not already conditioned for.
Don’t – exercise to exhaustion.
Don’t – exercise in the Supine position.

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