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From Baby to Toddler: Growing Up Formula by NAN OPTIPRO 3

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Is your baby a toddler now, mama? Match your child’s growing needs with the right nutritional support from NAN OPTIPRO 3 Follow-on milk formula

If you’re concerned about nutrition as your baby approaches the toddler years and beyond, growing up formula is one option for providing the essential nutrients for growth and development. NAN OPTIPRO offers scientifically formulated follow-up milk for every child’s needs, including a hypoallergenic option!

NAN OPTIPRO Gro 3: A premium growing up milk option

Growing up formula by Nestle NAN

What you feed your child at this stage (12 months +) helps build a nutritional foundation for life. NAN OPTIPRO Gro 3 is a premium growing up formula for toddlers one year old and upwards. Backed by scientific research and leading nutrition company Nestlé, it contains OPTIPRO, an exclusive optimized protein blend that provides just the right amount of quality proteins for your baby.

The formulation gives your baby all the essential nutrients needed for development including DHA – the building blocks for our brain and eyes. The milk comes with BIFIDUS BL probiotics (good bacteria), which helps maintain the balance of beneficial bacteria in your child’s gut as well as fight against the bad guys – harmful bacteria! This delicate balance is gentle on your baby’s organs and keeps the digestive system healthy.

Iron and Zinc in the formula help safeguard and support your child’s natural defences. Iron also ensures normal cognitive function and development, which is essential for normal immune system functioning. And BONUS: there’s no added sugar, mama!

Hypoallergenic Follow-up Milk: NAN OPTIPRO H.A. 3

Nan Gro 3 Follow on formula

NAN OPTIPRO H.A. 3 is made with OPTIPRO H.A., a unique blend of whey proteins that are partially hydrolysed. This process of breaking down to smaller pieces, makes the protein easy to digest and helps reduce the allergenic potential of cow’s milk.

The scientifically researched, innovative formulation provides your baby with all the key nutrients essential for development – including higher* DHA and ARA for brain and eye development. BIFIDUS BL probiotics (good bacteria) make sure the formula is gentle on your baby’s gut and lines it with just the right protection. Rest assured, there’s no sugar added to this hypoallergenic growing up milk, too.

Want to give your child best quality proteins to help build the right nutritional foundation? Try NAN OPTIPRO Gro 3 or NAN OPTIPRO H.A 3 today, mama!

Request a free sample! Simply follow the link and fill in your details to get a trial pack of NAN OPTIPRO 3.


*Compared to previous formulation. Brought to you in partnership with Nestlé Baby Club

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