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Wild Organic Baby Explains the True Meaning of “Organic”

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“Organic” has become a bit of a buzz word – great for marketing, but how do we know if a baby product really is organic? The experts at Wild Organic Baby break it down for us!

It’s only natural that mamas seek out top quality baby food and products – after all, we spend months with a bump being super conscious of our own health to help our bubs arrive as happy and healthy as can be! These days, a lot of health conscious mamas are seeking out products with “organic” on the label, but do we know how they get certified in the first place?

Australian baby product range, Wild Organic Baby helps Sassy Mama get to the bottom of this by giving us all the deets on what it takes for something to be certified truly organic…and it’s actually a lot more complicated than we thought, mama!

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In a nutshell, the amount of non-organic ingredients affects the type of organic claim that can be made when trying to meet Australia Certified Organic (ACO) requirements, specifically. For example, with 100% certified organic content, the label can state ‘100% organic’ and include a special logo indicating such – the “bud” logo. On the other hand, products with less than 70% of certified organic content can’t make any organic certification claims, can only list ingredients as ‘organic,’ and can’t include the certification number or the “bud” logo.

Keep in mind that the terms ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ can be both confusing and misleading. Basically, most governments don’t regulate the use of the word ‘natural’ on products, but organic ingredients must pass more rigorous standards. This is where ACO comes in as a reputable and independent certification body in Australia.

So, why is it difficult to make 100% “Certified Organic” skin care products? Here’s where it gets tricky, mama! It’s challenging to make a skin care product or cosmetic 100% organic because it depends on the level of complexity of the formulation and the level of performance (or product efficacy) desired. Organic skin care products are composed of two major types of ingredients – functional and organic. The organic percentage is determined by the ratio between these two groups of ingredients.

ACO also requires that products bearing their logo are absolutely free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, genetic modification and petroleum derivativesway to go, ACO!

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Just so you know, organic ingredients consist of naturally derived ingredients, which include vegetable oils, essential oils, glycerine, ethanol and beeswax. These ingredients can enhance the efficacy of the product, like providing moisturising benefits. Meanwhile, functional ingredients still need to meet ACO requirements and include emulsifying waxes, preservatives, thickeners, emulsifiers, detergents and antioxidants – all crucial for product manufacturing, as well as for the efficacy, stability and characteristics of the formula.

Wild Organic Baby goes above and beyond to get ACO’s organic certification endorsement, which means we mamas can be confident that all their ingredients meet stringent requirements. Wild Organic Baby’s 100% natural, organic baby products are made in Australia and designed to perform to a high standard while still having the maximum possible ‘certified organic’ component.


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Their premium range of organic baby wash, organic baby bath products, organic baby oil and other organic baby skin care items contain the finest quality herbal ingredients and blends of essential oils – no worries there, mama!

Take it from the top guy himself! Tom Mason, managing director of The Pharmaceutical Plant Company (the company which carries the Wild Organic Baby line) explains:

“The Wild Organic Baby range was created to address two important issues.  Firstly, the need for a totally Australian made range of certified organic baby products that were independently verified by a reputable Organic Certification body (ACO). There are too many products on the market claiming “certified organic” or “contains organic ingredients” without having the independent assessment necessary to validate these claims.  It makes it confusing for consumers to know who to trust and what to believe.  Secondly, we wanted to address a gap in the market for a high performing range of products specifically formulated for sensitive skin.  Wild Organic Baby is a 100% natural range of products that are both safe and effective for sensitive skin.  Our company makes herbal medicines and we know what it takes to make safe and effective products you can trust, every time.  The design, ingredients and formulation of each Wild Organic Baby product put the intended recipient at the top of the list in terms of priorities.  Because the person who designed these products, uses them on her own children too!”

If you’re on the look out for a trustworthy baby product brand, you can’t go wrong with Wild Organic Baby, where they truly are on a mission to make your baby wild about organic!

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