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NEW! SJI International Launches Preschool On Holland Road (Formerly Maris Stella Kindergarten)

SJI International Preschool
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Taking over the spot of former Maris Stella Kindergarten, SJI International introduces its brand-new preschool on Holland Road right next to the Botanic Gardens!

It’s no secret that St. Joseph’s Institution International is a well-respected name in our local education scene. Renowned for its unwavering dedication to igniting learning, fostering curiosity, and inspiring excellence in its students, the school is part of the esteemed De La Salle Brothers, carrying a profound educational legacy for over 300 years. SJI International adds an exciting chapter to its history this year by introducing a brand-new venture into early childhood education. The new SJI International Preschool takes root on the charming Holland Road, taking over the former home of Maris Stella Kindergarten, which first opened its doors in 1954. With this exciting new addition, SJI International Preschool builds on the legacy of Maris Stella Kindergarten by infusing it with the rich SJI International philosophy and expertise, resulting in a high-quality preschool program specially designed for 2-6-year-olds.

Let’s explore how SJI International Preschool’s exceptional programme brings countless opportunities for preschoolers to develop their curiosity, character, knowledge, and skills.

Cultivating knowledge beyond the conventional academic curriculum

SJI International Preschool

SJI International Preschool’s team of dedicated teachers use a child-centred, active learning approach, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The curriculum is tailored based on the children’s unique needs, interests and strengths, allowing them and the teachers to personalise and facilitate teaching and learning. Little ones can look forward to participating in activities that spark creativity, encourage active participation, and offer endless chances for self-discovery, inspiration, exploration, and experimentation. SJI International Preschool believes in cultivating skills and knowledge beyond the conventional academic curriculum. The institution strives to ensure every child departs with a deep sense of self-worth and inspiration through engaging in integrated experiences across different learning domains to nurture a holistic child.

Nurturing character, kindness, empathy, and respect

At SJI International Preschool, there’s a focus on character development through The Virtues Project™, an integral part of a worldwide effort to empower students with compassion, responsibility, and global awareness. This initiative transcends cultural and religious boundaries by instilling virtues such as kindness, empathy, and respect into the school’s daily activities and curriculum. These virtues are the building blocks of a solid ethical foundation that not only shapes each child’s personal growth but also nurtures a deep sense of social responsibility, preparing them for a future where they succeed academically and become compassionate, responsible, and globally aware individuals.

SJI International Preschool

Educational curricular activities and outings

Kiddos at SJI International Preschool are in for a delightful array of extra-curricular activities! Among the highlights, we’re excited about the opportunity for kids to learn about natural ecosystems. Kids will get to see circular farming in action so they understand how vegetables are grown and how they end up on their plates! Not only will these budding farmers gain hands-on experience, but they’ll also develop a deeper understanding of sustainable processes.

SJI International Preschool

But that’s not all! The preschool is conveniently located right across from the Singapore Botanic Gardens, providing an enchanting backdrop for outdoor exploration where kids can dive into the world of heritage trees, flora, and fauna. These outings encourage students to engage with the natural environment, fostering curiosity and a passion for discovery beyond the classroom.

Ready to embark on a world of learning and adventure at SJI International Preschool? Visit their website for more details on admissions, upcoming open houses and campus tours!

location-icon-1024x1024-1-e1620963611654SJI International Preschool, 49B Holland Road, Singapore 258851, email: [email protected]

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