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It’s Not Too Late To Get Your Child Primary School-Ready! EDOOVO’s Live Virtual Classes Can Bridge The Gap (+ Free Trial!)

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Has the pandemic affected your child’s learning? Check out EDOOVO’s live virtual enrichment programmes for little learners to ensure a seamless transition to primary school

For many children, the pandemic has been a major source of disruption to their learning. Not only has it made learning and schoolgoing a bumpy ride, but the repeated switch to home-based learning has also limited each child’s social interactions and communication skills. As such, you’re probably worried about your child heading off to primary school in the new year, simply because you’re wondering how they’re going to cope with a whole new syllabus and learning environment. There is a way you can bring your kiddo up to speed, with EDOOVO. This award-winning interactive enrichment platform provides virtual lessons, a holistic curriculum and real-time teaching for children aged between 3 and 8 years. Wondering how EDOOVO can benefit your child? Here is how their programmes can help fill the gap caused by this year’s learning disruptions.

‘I’m worried my child is behind academically – they need help in a few areas not just tuition in one subject.’

While most e-learning platforms tend to focus on one specific subject, EDOOVO offers three core subjects – English, Chinese and Mathematics. Their curriculum is based on the Ministry of Education’s framework and is designed to hone your child’s linguistic and analytical skills and prep them for a seamless transition to primary school. The lessons for each subject will cover a wide range of topics across various learning domains while simultaneously supporting your child’s developmental goals.

EDOOVO enrichment classes

‘My preschooler isn’t interested in the usual online lessons or pre-recorded lessons.’

All of EDOOVO’s classes are taught in real-time, which enables your child to actively engage and interact with their teacher. This two-way communication is vital – not only does it motivate your child, but it also helps teachers build strong emotional bonds with each child, allowing for the best learning to take place. Classes are capped at up to four students for both junior and senior classes, in order to optimise your child’s learning. This allows teachers to engage each child effectively and pay more attention to their needs.

Children also have limited attention spans, and this is something EDOOVO takes into account when planning lessons. They evaluate the various age group’s concentration span carefully, which is why lessons are either 25 or 50 minutes in length – this optimises your child’s learning period. But how do the educators know what level of learning will suit your child? Their parent liaison team will arrange your child’s trial lesson based on the proficiency level of the subject choice and the year they are born. After this trial, a teacher will assess your child and provide the necessary feedback to determine your child’s suitable class level.

‘My child learns best when they get positive reinforcement and have a connection with real teachers.’

EDOOVO’s teachers are carefully selected based on their expertise and potential to equip children with a strong, lifelong learning foundation. Teachers are also required to attend structured quality in-house training programmes that will equip them with the latest teaching techniques. Your child won’t rotate through different teachers at each lesson – instead, EDOOVO ensures fixed teachers for each lesson, which builds trust between the teacher and child and ensures consistency in teaching methods.

Child at EDOOVO enrichment classes

‘I’m worried about sending my child around town to tuition classes – I’d rather minimise their exposure to avoid contracting Covid-19.’

EDOOVO conducts all its classes online from the comfort of your home. This means it doesn’t have to ever pivot when safety regulations limit going out – their lessons are designed on the outset to cater to young learners online. EDOOVO doesn’t promote rote learning and boring memorisation. Instead, their teachers keep things fun in the classroom by using engaging activities and virtual rewards such as trophies, stars, lollipops and thumbs-up for participation. Their interactive platform has plenty of activities and learning rewards, which nudge children to keep moving forward so they can grasp greater insights beyond their daily school curriculum. EDOOVO’s programmes are a proven hit with kids, judging by the rave reviews it has received from parents.

“My son has been attending EDOOVO for nine months now and he loves the online interaction with his teacher and friends. Teachers are attentive to the student’s individual progress and I am appreciative of the open communication with them! I will definitely renew for continuous learning!” says Mrs Shirley Chua.

In a time where many parents prefer keeping their children away from crowds, EDOOVO’s virtual presence is a total boon. Not only do children get to learn virtually at their convenience, but lessons are also reinforced with activity sheets and lesson replay, which is made available after every lesson.

Experience EDOOVO for yourself! Click here to book a free trial for a subject of your choice!

Sign up for a package today to get up to 38 free classes (worth $570) and stand a chance to win a laptop worth $600!


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