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Children Love Foraging in the Community Park, Swinging on Vines & Mud Play at Blue House Kay Siang Preschool

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A preschool that encourages outdoor play and has its own community park? That’s Blue House Kay Siang, near Tanglin Road! You’re invited to the Open House to learn more plus find out how to enjoy a registration fee waiver

Blue House International is a household name in the Singapore preschool scene. You may know them for their all-rounded Reggio Emilia-inspired approach and an abundance of outdoor play, and the Blue House Kay Siang preschool is no different! Offering both half-day and full-day care, parents have the option of choosing the best arrangement for their children at this centralised preschool.

The Blue House Kay Siang preschool is located within a colonial-style back-and-white bungalow, with private access to their very own Community Park – made up of sprawling gardens! Some of the school’s features include a Garden Atelier, piazza, a mud kitchen and a library, showing that Blue House firmly believes in the natural environment being the ‘third teacher’.

Integrated Learning & Calming Effects of Being in Nature

Nature grounds and calms children, which fosters a growth mindset. They are free to explore and discover what interests them, giving them a far richer learning experience. Blue House offers a safe space to self-regulate, and by being exposed to age-appropriate risky play scenarios, the child gains confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

Lots of dramatic play in a natural space can develop children’s vocabulary beyond that of simply learning in a classroom! Outdoor play can also promote richer numeracy, science, geography, arts and crafting skills. Blue House offers an unhurried integrated learning approach set within the great outdoors at different times of the day, so you can be sure that children learn in an experiential and holistic way at their own pace.

Physical, Personal & Social Development Benefits of Learning Outdoors

Blue House believes that children who learn in nature are more likely to build immunity and grow healthier and stronger. They can also benefit from unassisted motor development by learning how to balance, make judgements about how to climb a tree safely and over time, develop a natural risk awareness – a skill they may not acquire if they were overly protected from nature. This lets them learn how to keep themselves and their friends safe!

Learn More at the Blue House Preschool Kay Siang Open House

Want to see the preschool’s lush outdoor grounds for yourself? Head to the upcoming Blue House Kay Siang Open House on 9 September 2023! The event includes an overview of the school and its curriculum with the Group Head of School, Centre Principal and Educators. Families can tour the school’s curated environments (indoors and out) and find out more about their authentic approach to respectful early years education.

Open House attendees enjoy a waiver on the registration fee when they enrol within the month of September.

Register here for the Blue House Preschool Kay Siang Open House on 9 September 2023!

Blue House Kay Siang, 19 Kay Siang Road, Singapore 248935, Tel: (+65) 6472 3788,

Brought to you in partnership with Blue House International

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