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Classic, Covert Cocktails at The Other Room

the other room bar
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If cocktails are your thing, mama, head to Singapore’s newest secret spot, hidden deep below Orchard Road…

Ssssshhh! We have to tell you about a secret cocktail bar we recently visited, known only to a privileged few. The Other Room is a new spin on the fun and naughtiness of the Prohibition Era (1920 -1933) — think ‘Speakeasy’ but on a more sophisticated level, with a really cool vibe. With over 150 unique spirits and 30 different cocktails; just imagine the dizzying array of drinking possibilities, mama! We can tell you that it’s located within Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, but to divulge any more about its secret location would spoil the fun (you’ll just have to read on for more hints!).

the other room cocktails

Master Bartender Dario Knox  also known as ‘The Wizard’ – is the man behind all the wonderful creations at The Other Room. Here you won’t just see the regular spirit brands you’d find at any other bar; Dario takes your favourite comfort spirits and adds the subtlest of sophisticated touches to them, cask finishing or spice finishing to lift the drinks to a whole new level. He didn’t get his name for nothing, you have to go and try it for yourself!

Every single cocktail draws inspiration from a particularly classic era or category of drinking history: Pre-Prohibition, Prohibition, Post-Prohibition, The Other Classics, Solera System and Aged. We were particularly crushing on “The Southern New York Sour” ($21++), a cocktail believed to date back to 1880s Chicago (despite the name!). Layered with black tea and French oak smoke, it is a serious, mysterior concoction that demands your full attention, mama.

If you’re after something slightly sweeter, “The Good Old Pal” ($24++) has been given a modern update through a solera aging process, which has allowed it to develop flavours of nuts, raisins and plums. This one’s served straight from the cask!

the other room cocktail bar

The Other Room is in a secret location with no sign, deep in the depths of Marriott Plaza Hotel on Orchard Road. The entrance is totally discrete; you can’t just walk in, you have to ring the bell. Once you’ve been granted entry, you’ll find a dark and cozy space behind the black curtain. The music is modern but with a beat of the 20’s and 30’s; it is also at a volume that allows you to sit and properly enjoy a drink and talk to your friends or hubby without needing to shout.

If the 150 spirits and 30 cocktail options don’t tickle your fancy, mama, ask Dario or his amazing mix masters to mix you up something completely unique with your own favourite flavours added in.

If you have friends visiting from out of town or need a cozy cocktail bar for date night The Other Room is sure to impress and they will cater to everybody’s taste, that we can promise. It’s hidden but not too hidden…head for the concierge desk and you’ll be within striking distance!

The Other Room, Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, 320 Orchard Road, Singapore 238865,

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