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Ambitious Academics, Pastoral Care and Exceptional Enrichment: This School Has It All

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When it comes to an academically ambitious education, North London Collegiate School (Singapore) goes above and beyond just prepping kids for exams. Here’s how this school nurtures children academically and holistically.

Drawing on the rich history and tradition of its founding school in the UK, North London Collegiate School (Singapore) provides students with an academically ambitious education that is both life-changing and inspirational. What does an “academically ambitious education” actually mean? The school’s education programme is designed to nurture students into successful, well-rounded and compassionate human beings – qualities that will stay with them long after they’ve left the school benches. The focus lies in developing each student’s knowledge through constant academic and intellectual challenge that goes beyond just the syllabus. Here’s how NLCS (Singapore) delivers on this promise:

Drawing on inspiring experts

In order to ensure a solid educational foundation, NLCS (Singapore) employs professional teachers who are experts in their subjects. Teachers aren’t just expected to deliver the curriculum; instead, the school empowers them to inspire students with a love of the subject, delivering a broad and flexible curriculum that moves beyond what is required in examinations. Their teachers also participate in NLCS (Singapore)’s vibrant extra-curricular activities and this further drives curiosity and enthusiasm outside the classroom.

Going beyond the books

Shaping a child’s perspective about the world they live in takes more than just sturdy academic support. NLCS (Singapore) is committed to helping each student develop a global perspective and this is done by providing them with opportunities to interact with others around them through out-of-school activities, exchanges and trips to sister schools and other relevant organisations. In this way, students hone an outward-looking perspective and learn to appreciate the true value of service to others. As such, many of the school’s alumni have gone on to form enriching careers across various sectors and countries.

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Prioritising pastoral care

A student’s well-being lies at the heart of all the NLCS programme. Students are provided with a safe and supportive environment that lets them be heard and feel valued. The pastoral care system in the Senior School is built around a house system: Each house comprises students from Grades 6 to 12 and belongs to a tutor group that is led by two form tutors. This makes space for students across different age groups to interact, socialise and grow together, ultimately forming a sense of unity and community. They also receive additional support from the school nurse and emotional guidance counsellor.

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Laying enriching foundations

Students can choose from an array of activities, clubs and academic societies for the chance to specialise in a specific interest. Not only does this help them to keep an open mind to new experiences, but they are also encouraged to take the lead in creating new opportunities for themselves. NLCS (Singapore)’s enrichment programmes are an essential element of the educational programme and serve to support and enhance each student’s academic development, as well as helping to shape their character and personality. Academic enrichment, including the McCabe Lecture series, helps promote an atmosphere of scholarship and subject passion across the whole school. Furthermore, students are also challenged to expand their skills beyond the syllabus by participating in events such as debating, Politics Week, National Poetry Day, MUN and more.

Excited to give your child an academically ambitious education? NLCS (Singapore) welcomes applications all year round. Contact the admissions team to book a school tour.

North London Collegiate School (Singapore), 130 Depot Road, Singapore, 109708, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6989 3000,

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