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Top 10 Mama Bloggers to Follow in Singapore

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These Sassy Mama bloggers are keeping it real and dishing the dirt on all things parenthood!



Mommy blogger Yann has been sharing a piece of her mind with the world since 2003, creating her own -isms with her feisty personality and individualistic mind. Very recently becoming a mama of baby number two, not only will you read about the latest process of baking the bun in the oven (and taking it out), but everything ranging from shopping to music to “organised chaos” to tales about her two kitties. She is a super dedicated blogger, hopefully she can find even more dedicated readers in you!


2. Mother Inc
She tells us that a fellow Singaporean once called her blog “irreverent”, whether she meant to say irrelevant or not, she takes both words in stride because “on her blog, we don’t judge”. Daphne has stories that are all too familiar, holding a crying and screaming baby the entire night, mourning over ruined furniture and having her sanity destroyed. Yet, it has also been the best 4 years she could have ever asked for. Seems like “crazy” and “incredible” will always come in the same sentence when describing mama life.


3. Gingerbread Mum
Kids tend to not only have short attention spans, but they also change their minds about their favourite toys all too often. “Gingerbread Mum” came up with the great idea to open a business that teaches kids to create crafts with recycled materials. Now, if your kids have a change of heart real fast about their newest LEGO set, you won’t have to spend a fortune finding the next thing to entertain them. More importantly, Adora also spends her time writing, taking pictures and posting things that she hopes mamas will read and enjoy.


4. Xiaxue
This pink-haired, super-successful Singaporean blogger has 40,000+ readers, on top of 170,000+ subscribers on her Youtube channel, and her biggest fan is her 2 year old son Dash. With such a huge audience, Xiaxue does not disappoint with her bubbly, honest and fiery posts, telling you just how she sees it. You will definitely enjoy this one!

Mum's The Word

5. Mum’s the Word
How ironic is the title of this mommy blog? With the complete opposite intention of keeping quiet and to say nothing, the full time mama of three Jiahui uses her blog to share her experiences with mamas everywhere. She finds it helpful that she can reflect on what went right and wrong, after all, life is all about learning. Follow along as she tries to find the ultimate balance of spending quality time, resources and money on each kid, and to hopefully never utter the F-word: Favouritism! (Sidenote: her hubby also blogs about their hectic but enjoyable family life in Singapore, check it out here)


6. Etrangle
Diah Mastura Roslan is the name behind Etrangle, a blog where you’ll find an overwhelming amount of pictures of her adorable three girls, because what mama doesn’t like to show off her babies! You’ll see her reviewing beauty products, sharing about her time at Hong Kong Disneyland with her family, or how she juggles raising twins and another while maintaining an online webstore. We know you’ll love reading about her munchkins as much as she does.

lifes tiny miracles

7. Life’s Tiny Miracles
The worst nightmare any mama could experience is having a stillborn child. Unfortunately Angie tragically experienced three, so when her beautiful daughter Dana Joy came along, she felt inspired to start a blog celebrating this new life she was blessed with. Done in a very organised manner, her blog is divided into a reading/books section, ideas for family-friendly holidays, introspective articles on parenting, fun and educational activities, and lastly recipes and restaurants suitable for the whole fam! Sometimes things get very crazy, but it’s important to slow down and just appreciate life’s everyday moments.


8. The Mommy Cafe
Being a mum definitely doesn’t mean you have to put your own life on pause, and you can count on Ruth of “The Mommy Cafe” to tell you that. Besides creating a cosy space online to share about her life as a work-at-home mom, she has been able to fulfil every writer’s dream in co-writing and publishing her own book!

pleasure monger

9. The Pleasure Monger
Many people treat their blog as a online diary, spilling inside stories, everyday thoughts, struggles or highlights of the day. Rachel uses “The Pleasure Monger” to do just that, wanting to jot down and take a snap of the smallest, but greatest moments that often slip past us. She often gets inspired to write about her loved ones, focusing on why she made a dish for a special someone, rather than the dish itself. Her advice for other budding bloggers? “Be true to what you write”.


10. A Dollop of Me
Have a peek into the world of Corsage, a 36 year old mama of two toddlers. Besides writing about being a mother, wife and woman in Singapore, she also blogs about healthy living and how she’s had to deal and adapt to her daughter’s eczema and food intolerances. We love her recently popular post on “Where to Buy Natural/Organic Foods in Singapore”. Waiting for her oldest to start school, she hopes to have a little more time to give her blog some extra love.

Featured image sourced via Shutterstock. All other images sourced via respective blogs and Facebook pages.

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