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Things People Say To Pregnant Women – Translated!

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When you’re pregnant mamas, everybody has something to say about it. Most of the time, they’re lovely, well-intentioned sayings, but we can only smile soullessly and thank someone robotically after hearing something for the fifth time. And in addition to that, sometimes people just don’t know what on earth they’re talking about – they’ve never lugged around a human being in their stomach before.

Here are a few things that really grind our gears.

‘Eat healthily’ they say…

That’s not so easy when you feel like you’re constantly hungover for the first three months. It’s all you can do to eat half a slice of toast without needing to reach for the nearest bucket…


‘Get lots of rest now, when the baby comes you won’t know what’s hit you’ they say…

Yes, I am painfully aware that I am going to spend my foreseeable future in a sleep deprived haze.I would love to get lots of rest now, but perhaps you don’t realise what it’s like sleeping while pregnant?Between an aching back you can’t sleep on, a beach ball stomach that violently thumps throughout the day and night and the seemingly incessant trips to the toilet, I can confidently say peaceful nights are already a thing of the past. (And yes, I know it’s only going to get worse when baby arrives – you don’t need to remind me!)

‘You’re glowing!’ they say…

It is so lovely to receive compliments, especially when you don’t feel the same way! The old adage  ‘pigs sweat, men perspire and women glow’ does come to mind, but excess sweat is a common occurrence in pregnancy that no-one talks about… I certainly had no idea – at least, not until I started washing my slippers more frequently and woke up in a pool of sweat every night.


‘Oh, you’ve got a cold!’ they say…

Nope, just a stream of hormonally induced excess fluids flowing from my nose and mouth at random. No, it’s not so nice. But again, who knew?!

‘That’s a nasty looking rash’ they say…

Thanks for pointing that out. It’s actually a delightful mixture of rashes and acne that put my teenage years to shame. Again, rampant hormones are the culprit here. Brilliant!


‘Your hair looks so shiny and lush’ they say…

Wow. A proper compliment with no backhanded intentions (I think!) and a lovely comment to receiveif you’re one of the lucky ones to experience this pregnancy related phenomenon. On the other hand though, the bit no-one tells you about is the excess ‘lush’ hair that sprouts in many other unexpected locations on your body… I’m sure my belly didn’t used to be that fluffy?! No, you’re right, it almost certainly wasn’t.


With a little over three months left to go, I’m in no doubt that there’s still plenty more surprises yet to come! What are your surprising pregnancy secrets? Do you agree? Do share – we Sassy Mamas to be are all in the same boat after all!

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