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Going Green: How to Have a Green Pregnancy in Singapore

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There are tons of benefits to be reaped from making the switch and going green, but what about a green pregnancy? We’ve rounded up all of the ways in which you can continue to support the planet (and your little one) throughout your nine months in Singapore.

Thinking of going green for your pregnancy? There are loads of benefits not only for the planet but also for your little one (see here). We know it’s easier said than done so to help you out we’ve created a nifty little list just for you.

Avoiding Toxic Chemicals
Nature has given us lots of healthy natural alternatives to manmade, toxin-laden products. Next time you pick up a makeup wipe or moisturiser why not give coconut oil a go? It’s got anti-bacterial properties and is inexpensive. Instead of conditioning your hair with run-of-the-mill store bought conditioner, why not try egg yolk or apple cider vinegar with this recipe?

In tropical Singapore, many of us become mosquito fodder and need to use mozzie repellent all the time,  but deet is famous really really bad for us. Babyganics and a number of other brands specialise in giving us mama a deet-free insect repellent option.

Butter London

Natural and paraben-free manis and pedis are perfect for pregnant mamas. Brands like Butter London, Aquarella, and Zoya have a large range of highly pigmented colours and they’re made without formaldehyde (chemicals they use to preserve dead bodies), phthalates or paraben!

CoolaSunscreen is an essential part of our daily routine here in Singapore (see here for our top sunscreen picks). Protection from the sun is a must and we have found you the best biodegradable and organic sunscreen to protect you, the environment, and the baby! Now, purely organic solutions haven’t yet been found but some eco-friendly brands have created sunscreens with minimal chemicals. Coola Suncare uses mostly natural ingredients and are certified to be made with organic ingredients

Green Pal
Green Pal
is a local online shop with free shipping that sells green, chemical-free household detergents. Not only are their products green, they also lower their carbon footprint by delivering by cycling! They use recycled paper for packaging and are super environmentally conscious.

Le CreusetThe verdict is out that the chemicals released from the teflon on old non-stick pans can limit the growth of your newborn baby – and that doesn’t sound good, mamas. But, if non-stick pans are all you have, make sure they are relatively new and not to use high heat or metal utensils when cooking! Better yet, Le Creuset  make cast-iron products that are reliable and really pretty… if a little expensive!

Nausea, headache, back pain, swollen feet, the list of pregnancy discomforts go on and on but before you turn to trustee prescription medicines, have you considered osteopathy, homeopathy and Chinese medicine? Acupuncture and medicines made with herbs instead of chemicals may be your best bet when you’re eating for two. The Traditional Chinese Medicine centre in Singapore is your one-stop-shop for every natural remedy. They have health centres all over Singapore where you can see their doctors and buy some natural herbal remedies.

Food and Diet:

In addition to sourcing food thats mostly locally grown (difficult to find in Singapore, I know). Remember to eat loads of foods high in folic acid and iron. Sustenir is an urban farm in Singapore that strives to be sustainable and nutritious! Its greens are locally farmed so you will be helping Singapore’s economy and the environment!

Fish is an important source of Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential to pre-natal (and post-natal) brain development in your little cherubs. But make sure the fish you buy was caught in the wild instead of fish farmed! The fish framed breed may have been fed loads and loads of antibiotics that you don’t want coursing through your veins! also bear in mind mercy levels – you don’t want to eat too much large sea fishes such as tuna. To be safe, stick to salmon, shellfish and smaller fishes.


It’s important for all expecting mamas to stay hydrated and water should always be your first option. Remember to try to bring a water bottle wherever you go so you don’t have to buy disposable plastic bottles whenever you get thirsty. Eco-Friendly Safe Water Bottles & Lunch Boxes from New Zealand carries a range of cool and green water bottles.


If you’re a mama with a bit more time on her hands, here are some homemade DIY recipes for household washing that you might want to try out! Everything is natural and cheap and you decide what you want to clean with.

  • These laundry detergent (see here and here) can be used in the washing machine so you won’t have to wash everything by hand.
  • This make-up remover recipe is all natural.
  • You can personalise this dishwashing liquid recipe with your favourite scents.

Maternity wear:
Mothers en Vogue has six stores in Singapore and an online shop that sells stylish and versatile maternity clothing that you can wear during and after your pregnancy. Flowy, wrap dresses are perfect for adjusting to the ever-growing bump. They also create outfits in organic, cotton and bamboo fabrics!

When the baby comes:
Remember to keep the house well-ventilated by opening windows as much as you can and using the fan instead of the air conditioning. To keep the everything inside as clean as possible make sure you take off your shoes as soon as you enter the house.

Bebe Bamboo
Baby showers are exciting parties for all our expecting mamas! But sometimes if we get pressies we can’t use on our little ones (because of the nasty toxins in them) it can be awkward having to return what people gave you or worse, resell it on eBay. That’s why you should always have a registry (click here for one) where you specify the brand of product you want. Bebe Bamboo makes organic and eco-friendly bedding, clothes, and bath products!

Last but not least, mama, now that a baby is on its way your house needs to be baby-proofed! Luckily Rhoost manufactures eco-friendly baby-proofing products. They’re stylish, easy to use and super green!

Lead image sourced via Unsplash; soup image and vegetables image sourced via Pexels

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