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The Secret Weapon to Getting Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back Faster

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Mamas have plenty to worry about once the baby arrives; banish postnatal body woes with the Belly Bandit

No two bodies are alike, but if there’s one common refrain amongst post-natal mamas, it’s How do I get my body back… quickly? Obviously factors like diet, exercise, and good old genetics play a huge role, mama, but we can’t fault our secret weapon: The Belly Bandit.

This isn’t just some fabric to go around your midsection; it’s medical-grade compression shapewear with a design perfected to wrap around a postnatal mama’s specific needs.

Key benefits include a flatter belly, slimmer waistline, stronger muscles … and a more confident attitude! Snug, smooth and slimming, Belly Bandit’s universally perfect fit and proprietary Stretch-and-Compress fabric helps mamas look and feel fab, both in and out of clothing!

The exclusive Power Compress Core™ is designed to work with each mama’s natural hormone, Relaxin, to accelerate the healing process. In fact, Belly Bandit is particularly beneficial for mamas following a C-Section, and also helps to support back, leg and core muscles by improving posture and circulation. Check out this before-and-after shot of a mama 1 day post-pregnancy, and then 4 weeks later:

the belly bandit before and after

And there’s more! The Belly Bandit also helps support breastfeeding, has been show to help minimize stretch marks, and aids in preventing Diastasis Recti.

The Belly Bandit compresses the stomach, hips and waist –all of which expand during pregnancy – and helps to flush body fluids away from the skin, in turn reducing swelling, improving muscle memory and minimizing stretch marks. Score! 

The concept of compressing the mid-section after pregnancy has been around for centuries (just look at Jamu massage) – Belly Bandit takes things high-tech with its medical-grade elastic that helps stabilize the pelvic floor and support the spine. Its constant compression results in a flatter belly by helping the uterus shrink back to its normal size faster. This sets off a chain reaction: once the uterus shrinks, so does your tummy, mama.

The Belly Bandit is available all over Singapore, including at Mothercare,, and other key maternity retailers. You can find it in an extra soft bamboo version, too.

Mamas require all sorts of support once baby arrives. Consider the Belly Bandit just another part of your team, mama!

Bloom & Grow is the exclusive distributor of Belly Bandit in Singapore

Brought to you in partnership with Bloom & Grow

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