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The secret behind baby soft skin (and how to keep it protected after birth)

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Here’s how to keep that amazing baby soft skin going right from birth, mama!

As pregnant mamas you’ve no doubt gotten the full rundown on how amazing the human body (and your growing baby) is, so we’ll spare you the science lesson, mama. But did you know that by 26 weeks baby’s skin has already got two layers of moisturising protection? It’s no wonder baby skin is unbelievably soft!

If you’ve seen any birthing videos yet, you’ll know that when bub is born it’s covered in a light goop called vernix. This, along with ceramide, is the miracle ingredient that helps baby’s skin thicken and stay protected in the womb.

So how to protect baby’s precious skin from harsh external conditions once he or she comes out into the big world? Why not keep that double layer of protection going with Newborn Pure, the first ever premium skincare series, from leading mother and baby brand Pigeon?

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This amazing new range features patented technology based on scientific research and dermatologist testing. The key ingredient is Natulayer, which mimics the Vernix and Ceramide babies develop in the womb and have at birth to protect their skin.

Natulayer protects a newborn’s gorgeously delicate skin from day 1 by maintaining the skin’s fatty protective layer through balanced pH levels and providing a hydration boost.

Newborn Pure is made in Japan with love. It’s also additive- and paraben-free, with a natural fragrance and natural extracts from olive oil and rice oil, so you can breathe easy knowing your baby is safe and secure, mama.

Some of our favourite products in the range are the Newborn Pure Purifying Body Wash and the velvety Newborn Pure Protective Cream (perfect for providing instant relief to chapped and irritable dry patches).

We particularly love Newborn Pure Calming Oil, which is ideal for use in baby massage. Start brushing up on your technique, mama, because the benefits of baby massage are myriad, from easing colic and constipation to improving baby’s sleep. That’s a big one to have in your bag of mama tricks!

Want to know more, mama? You can find Pigeon’s Newborn Pure products at Motherswork, Guardian and other fine pharmacies. We know you want only the best for your baby; why not protect him or her from the start.

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