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Big Girls You Are Beautiful: Hani’s Guide to Looking Chic and Sassy

Plus Size Fashion
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Big girls, you are beautiful! Sassy contributor, Hani, shares with us some tips on how to look chic and sassy with a curvy body!

Mamas – Listen up! Some of us are plus sized, big and curvaceous. That doesn’t mean we cannot rock it and sass it up on the runways! (and by runway I mean MRT platforms, office aisles, shopping malls and more). We can look red carpet ready anytime and anywhere we want to. Here’s how!

Plus Size Fashion - Colours and Prints

Colours and prints

Go easy on the whole “black is slimming” mantra. Toss that reference out the window, mamas! We don’t want to fit into the background. Black will only make you look bleak. Instead, opt for colours, textures and prints. Of course, we can’t live without an all-black outfit but it shouldn’t be the ONLY colour in your wardrobe. Be bold and stand out from the rest by knowing what colours are complimentary and those that don’t go well when paired together. When you leave home looking all bright and cheery, you’ll feel good about yourself and when you feel good and chirpy, others will too! So spread the love with colours!

Prints are also the in thing now – grids, floral, polka dots. Have fun with your fashion! Remember this: Small prints make you look small. Big prints may enhance your shape. So choose which parts you want enhanced (hint: boobs) and which parts do you want to hide?

Plus Size Fashion - Fit


Don’t try to be like MC Hammer or look like a tent. Baggy clothes will only make you look like a guni sack. They also don’t do anything for your self-confidence. Clothes that are too tight, on the other hand, make you look like a kebab. Ensure your clothes are nicely fit and with that I mean, not a size too big, not a size too small. The trick I always use is to ensure that I have about two inches of space between the fabric and my skin. Try it!


Big girls can be trendy too! Go look around in malls, online, on televisions and in magazines for the latest trends. My source for fashion references? E! Entertainment Channel and all the trashy celebrity reality TV shows. It’s true! But be careful because not all fashion trends will suit you. Know your body and know your fit! Also, know what will flatter your body. Hence, my next tip…

Plus Size Fashion - Flatter


You have to know your own body. What shape are you? Which parts do you want to enhance? For example, if you are bottom heavy, you should stock up on slimming/skinny jeans! Flare dresses and A-shaped tops are good for people like me who have an apple-shaped body.


Don’t be afraid to accessorise with statement pieces and bright bold purses or handbags, especially when you are rocking a black outfit. Remember, you do not want to blend in the background.

Plus Size Fashion - Comfort


Comfort is key. Especially when you are going to rock that dress the whole day. Choose fabrics that do not irritate your skin or make you perspire. Comfort will also make you feel confident and bold. Be comfortable in your own skin and the rest will fall perfectly into place!

Less is more

Sometimes, we all want to dress down, right? That is totally fine but you can dress down and look chic too. Choose something light and don’t get over excited when mixing and matching outfits. Print tops go very well with plain bottoms and vice versa.


No matter how bad your day started, never leave home without a smile. It can instantly perk you up and make other peoples’ day too! No one can rock fashion without a smile. So smile! And the world will smile with you.

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Images courtesy of Simply Curvy and Nurul Jannah Saharuddin Models: Siti Dzaleha, Sheika Ummairah and Haryani Othman

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