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The Preschool That Teaches Kids Independence and How to Be Ready For ‘Big School’

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This mama tells us what she loves about Shaws Preschool! “By the end of K2, my son was more confident, sociable, and happy to learn new things and ideas. He was more than ready to go to big school thanks to Shaws.”

With five locations across the island, Shaws Preschool is an inquiry- and play-based preschool (with a focus on sports!) that currently caters to more than 400 families in Singapore. Shaws has a truly child-friendly environment, with trained and highly professional staff so children can learn through adventure and exploration while receiving expert guidance. We caught up with mama Angel, whose 6-year-old son, Nicholas, attended the Katong Post location, to find out more about why she loves the school!

How did you first hear about Shaws Preschool?

We heard about Shaws through friends who had kids enrolled in the Mountbatten branch. It was also one of the closest schools near our home.

What factors played into your decision to send your child to this school?

There are three branches located in the east and we decided to take a tour of all the campuses. We liked the Katong Post branch the most as aside from its proximity, it was also like a hidden gem. Behind the concrete facade is a sizeable playground that is not too small and not too big for the kids to enjoy while in school.

What kind of child (or family) would you say would be the best fit for this school? 

Families looking for a diverse and nurturing environment. Shaws can also cater to families looking for a good mix of academic, social, and extra-curricular activities where the kids are comfortable enough to be themselves and enjoy their early years of education.

Now that your child has graduated from preschool, how do you feel Shaws helped prepare Nicholas for primary school?

We moved to Singapore in the middle of the pandemic and he missed about half a year of face-to-face schooling while we were in the Philippines. We saw the patience and attention the teachers gave to make sure Nicholas transitioned well to K2 in a new country and in a new school. We got a personalised daily update by the teachers on his first week, then received daily class updates via the Shaws parent communication app.

By the end of K2, we saw that Nicholas was more confident, sociable, and happy to learn new things and ideas. He was more than ready to go to ‘big school’ thanks to Shaws.

Have you seen examples of how the Shaws Preschool curriculum has helped Nicholas settle into his primary school?

Keenness to learn was instilled by the Shaws team. Shaws also helped Nicholas gain confidence in meeting new kids and making sure that the kids know what to expect when they enter primary school. The school approached it in a more personalised way. We were amazed at how Nicholas already went to order and pay for food from the school canteen on his first day of primary school without any issues!

What is the number one thing your family misses about Shaws Preschool?

Daily updates, very proactive and professional staff. They made sure we knew the things going on in school.

What does Nicholas miss about Shaws Preschool?

His friends, his teachers… and the playground!

Thanks so much, Angel! Think your kiddo would love Shaws, too? Book a tour at any of Shaws Preschool’s five campuses and find out why families have been choosing Shaws for over 30 years! 

Click here for all locations, and find out more about Shaws Preschool here!

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