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Retail Therapy at Singapore Cookware Shop Lemon Zest: Our Sassy Mama Staff Picks

Singapore cookware shop
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With summer coming to an end and no long weekends on the horizon, we at Sassy Mama are in serious need of a mood enhancement. What better than some retail therapy at Singapore cookware shop Lemon Zest Culinary Lifestyle?!

With tons of kitchen products that are every bit as stylish as they are fun to use, a visit to Lemon Zest is the perfect mama entertainment. Here are our top staff picks if you’re in need of some kitchen retail inspo yourself, mama:

Singapore cookware shop


Kate headshot“With a 14-month-old who’s just starting to master solid foods, we do a whole lot of pureeing, blending and chopping in our household. The MagiMix Mini Plus takes up minimal space in our apartment-sized kitchen, yet its super sharp stainless steel blade and grating disks are up for even the biggest chopping challenge. It’s even got an egg whisk to make baking a breeze!”


Singapore cookware shop

SMSG-Headshot-Jamie“It’s definitely got to be the silicone ice cube ball moulds. When you have ice cubes in the shape and size of a small-ish soft ball, they melt far less slowly than regular ice cubes, so they are wonderful for drinks that shouldn’t get too watered down by melting ice. And, with two young boys, well, we like our whisky undiluted.”



Singapore cookware shop

SMSG-Headshot-Bea“We love these funky colourful kids’ learner chopsticks in our house. My son feels very grown up having his own pair of chopsticks for when we have Asian stir fries and dim sum. The (removable) training hinge makes them easy for small hands to handle and they come in lots of fun colours and shapes — perfect for fun mini gifts for friends’ kids when we go back home. ”



Singapore cookware shop

Hester headshot“I desperately aspire to a Pinterest-worthy life, but always feel like I fall short, especially when it comes to kids’ parties (groan). This awesome Kilner drinks dispenser will rack up some serious brownie points though, especially if I fill it with pink lemonade. In the evening I’ll just add vodka for a cool low-effort cocktail dispenser!”




Singapore cookware shop


With a personal interest in living healthy and trying to get the kids loving green food, I greatly appreciate the help of the Gefu Mini Spiralizer. Imagine you want your child to eat carrots, beet root or zucchini, and they don’t like it cooked and “soggy”; just pop them in the spiralizer, choose how thin you want your “noodles” and let your little one help you create nice orange, red and yellow “hair”. This is soooo yummy, and you can eat it just like that all-time favourite, spaghetti!



Singapore cookware shop

SMSG-Headshot-Liyana“My girlfriends and I love baking and tea parties so these pretty two and three-tiered Afternoon Tea Stands are practical and perfect accompaniments to our bakes. The fact that they come in sweet pastel colours takes the cake (literally) because they’ll look absolutely Instagram-worthy!”



Singapore cookware shop

Kristin headshotI am a big water drinker throughout the day and the Aqua Zinger bottle allows me to spice up my H2O. It’s great to be able to add a bit of flavour and I find it’s a perfect alternative to that extra coffee or tea I always want in the afternoon. Some of my favourite combos are cucumber and basil, raspberry and mint, and one that the kiddies might really enjoy — kiwi and strawberry.



So what are you waiting for, mama? Get shopping!

Lemon Zest Culinary Lifestyle @ Holland Village, 43 Jalan Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens #01-80, Singapore 278115, Tel: (+65) 6471

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