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Online Shopping: Our fave sites that *don’t* ship to Singapore… or do they?

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We’ve all been there: online shopping up a storm on Amazon or Target, delighting in all the great deals we’re scoring, when suddenly the price doubles thanks to international shipping. Here’s how to avoid that sinking feeling, mama…

As much as we love shopping in Singapore, we can’t help but miss some of our favourite stores and brands back home — particularly when they taunt us with super cheap prices online! Or even more maddening, they’re available at a tantalisingly low price allegedly available for Singapore, but then at checkout shipping fees seem to double!

What’s a shopaholic mama to do? Hit up PacMe, of course! PacMe is more than just a package forwarder. PacMe is a true shipping consolidator that repacks to save you shipping fees, so you can do more shopping! Speaking of shopping, did you know that the more you shop, the more you save in shipping fees? PacMe says to load up on the merchandise because at 10kg, the $/kg savings really kick in and go lower with every additional kg! Need some inspo? Here’s our team’s fave online shopping destinations that either don’t ship to Singers, or do so at an offensive rate. In other words, PacMe to the rescue!



My favourite store of all is Anthropologie! They curate a plethora of unique brands from all over so you can be confident that whatever you buy – it will stand out.  I couldn’t possibly pick just one item of clothing that I am currently eyeing (and besides, I want to get those great shipping rates over 10kgs, so I’ll take it all please!). They also have fab home goods and accessories and I think this super bright and fun rug is a must have for the nursery of my baby girl arriving in July!




Last year I bought Keen sandals for my kids from Amazon because it is cheaper and they have a much wider range than what’s available in Singapore. I even bought an extra pair for my son that was a full size up – still in its box! I think the shipping cost more than the shoes themselves; it definitely would have been cheaper to ship to a US address! I wish I’d known about PacMe then so they could have repacked the PacMeWay to save me money.




I have a guilty love for Urban Outfitters that I probably was supposed to age out of once I left my 20s behind, but I’ve recently totally rediscovered their “Apartment” section and its cheap and cheerful rugs and fun accessories. BUT their artwork section – full of the most awesome prints that totally work for a kid’s room – doesn’t ship to Singapore. It’s an absolute travesty. So I’m definitely going to reach out to PacMe’s amazing customer service to help me solve this very serious issue so I can know what items are best to ship overseas, and get some cool and affordable pieces up on the walls of my place, ASAP.


Anj circle

My favourite Cali-based clothing site is Revolve, which carries a fab range of trendy clothes and accessories. They usually deliver within a couple days in the US, but unfortunately it takes about a month to get to Singapore! I’m eyeing this T-Bags Los Angeles dress, which I already have in another colour – its tie-front style cinches in at just the right spot while also being particularly forgiving as I indulge in Singapore’s very decadent Champagne brunches! While I’m at it, I think I’ll add in a few more gorgeous dresses to fill up my closet and fill up my shipment so I can take advantage of the lower shipping fees.




Kate-headshotYou can take the girl out of New England, but you can’t take the New England preppie out of the girl! For ages I’ve loved Patagonia for their comfy and colourful Baggies Shorts, as well as their fantastic fleece and waterproof jackets. And now I’m just discovering their ultra-adorable kids and babies line. While they offer free shipping in the US, it’s a lot heftier for Singers. Plus I’ve realised their fab clearance sale items are only available stateside. It’d be wrong to not take advantage of the savings along with the sales tax-free shopping with my US PacMe address!



I’ve ordered from Columbia before. They don’t ship to Singapore, so I had to use a forwarding company. It’s kind of hard to buy winter wear and ski wear for my 6’4” husband here in Singapore – so Columbia came to the rescue! It will be easy to hit that 10-15 kg sweet spot in shipping that PacMe recommends so I can really save on the shipping fees to Singers.





I’m always buying makeup from the US (I simply must have the latest in beauty innovations… #makeupartistproblems), and my favourite site is Colourpop Cosmetics! They’ve got such high-quality makeup at insanely affordable prices that it’s hard not to end up checking out with 20 lipsticks at one go… definitely time to start using PacMe to stock up on my cosmetics and along with fab clothes to show off my new look and have PacMe repack it all up and ship to me here!



I’m preggers and my friends and family back home want to celebrate my pregnancy, but don’t know how to buy and ship all the baby gifts to me in Singapore. PacMe to the rescue! I can register at a couple of great baby stores in the US and use my PacMe address as the ship to address. My friends and family can order at will and PacMe will receive everything and then do the rest to ensure it all arrives here safely in one shipment. Then, I can even have a virtual baby shower via Skype to thank everyone!


140903-SM-FoodieRoundUpStickers-Perk-greenIf you want to try out PacMe for yourself, simply sign up for a free PacMe account (value $40) using the code “SASSYSG” at Happy shopping, mama!

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