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New Mulberry Learning @ Dover Campus: Mini Racing Track, Swimming Pool & Reggio-inspired Zones

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Be one of the first to tour the new Mulberry Learning @ Dover campus! State-of-the-art Reggio-inspired learning spaces, spacious outdoor environment, and ‘clubhouse’ style facilities!

Picking the right preschool is vital when it comes to prepping your kids for their educational journey. That’s why parents flock to Mulberry Learning, an award-winning preschool that’s recognised for its vibrant, Reggio-inspired campus, comprehensive bilingual programmes and its focus on holistic character development. The great news is that Mulberry Learning is bringing its ethos and amazing facilities to a new campus at Dover, which is tucked away in a cool clubhouse with loads of fun benefits!

Race track and outdoor play at Mulberry Learning @ Dover

Facilities that inspire learning and creativity

The Mulberry Learning @ Dover campus is a 5,000-square-ft preschool spread out over two levels of the Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild (SPGG) Clubhouse. As such, children are exposed to a unique environment with plenty of benefits. These include recreational clubhouse facilities such as the open space play area, park, swimming pool and a dedicated outdoor playground that’s fitted with fun play equipment and a mini race track!

Mulberry Learning preschoolers also have access to an array of Reggio-inspired zones such as the Construction Piazza, Discovery Cove, Busy Baker and Art Atelier. These zones are designed to stimulate children’s senses and unleash their creativity, all while encouraging their natural desire to explore and learn. Wondering about the Covid safety protocols in place for their childcare services? You won’t have to worry, as Mulberry Learning @ Dover’s infant areas and childcare spaces are on separate levels. This protects younger infants and helps children focus on specific learning.

Busy Baker at Mulberry Learning @ Dover

Teaching children to think out of the box

Unlike many other preschools, Mulberry Learning’s philosophy is designed to help children thrive beyond basic knowledge and skills; the preschool’s approach helps instil higher-order attitudes and intelligent thinking habits in children, so they can excel in the years to come. This goal is achieved through the Habits of MindTM approach. A set of 16 problem-solving life skills, the approach helps shape learners and hone their reasoning, insightfulness, craftmanship and other necessary skills. Not only does Mulberry Learning exclusively offer its students the Habits of MindTM framework within its curriculum, but it’s also the first and only preschool network certified by the USA to do so. Fun fact: Did you know that Singapore’s Ministry of Education also offers this approach to the top 1% of primary schoolgoers in its Gifted Education Programme?

Infant Care at Mulberry Learning @ Dover

Learning goes beyond the books

Mulberry Learning’s signature programme trains children to be “mini scientists” by allowing them to embark on a scientific investigation process over several months. During this time, they’ll gather data, conduct experiments, go on field trips and analyse a topic, while learning key concepts about mathematics, science and language. At the end of the process, they’ll have to participate in “class presentations” and showcase their findings to their peers and classmates. Language is also a priority here; under the Literacy Fun and Chinese Master programmes, students at Mulberry Learning will master more than 4,500 English words and 2,000 Chinese words – plus 80 Chinese idioms – by age 6! How’s that for impressive?

The reason for each student’s success is the excellent educators, who thrive under the leadership of the centre principal who has more than a decade of experience in Early Education. The centre principal works closely with teachers, parents and the community at large to forge strong partnerships and collaborations. This, in turn, helps create a safe, happy and conducive learning environment for little ones.

Want to learn more about Mulberry Learning @ Dover? Click here to register for a school tour today!

Use promo code SMDV2022 during enrolment at the Dover centre to get a free 1 AM uniform. Enrolment must be completed by 31 December 2022.

Mulberry Learning @ Dover, 1010 Dover Road, #01-02, #02-14,#02-15, Singapore 139658, Tel: (+65) 6653 8082,

Brought to you in partnership with Mulberry Learning

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