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Enlightening Enrichment in Global Indian International School’s Primary Programme

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Looking for enrichment programmes that your primary school kiddos can do at school? Look no further than GIIS

If you thought academic add-ons like coding and robotics were reserved only for upper primary or high school students – or that you had to spend your weekends (and cash!) hauling your younger kiddos to them – you haven’t been to Global Indian International School (GIIS), mama! We all know the importance of early exposure, and according to GIIS, offering these programmes to lower primary students ensures better development in areas like computational thinking, analytical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and presentation skills.

GIIS boasts a 3-pronged Primary Programme to ensure all-rounded development of children from 5 to 12 years old: Academics, Activities and Add-ons. The school finds a good balance between these approaches, with carefully thought out lesson plans and timetables that allow students to get the most out of their academics while getting out and getting active with Physical Education and Sports.

The Value-added Academic Add-on programmes are what really positions GIIS above the rest. They all come at no additional cost, all while helping students focus on key learning areas and concepts.

Coding & Robotics

Got a little techie on your hands? Fun additions like Robotics, STITCH, Coding and Innovation Boot Camps are offered to students as part of the curriculum and CCAs. So you don’t have to venture out to centres outside of school to give your kids quality enrichment, mama. Everybody wins!

Science Technology Engineering Maths (STEM)

STEM equips students with understanding key, real-life concepts through creating working models. How cool is this? At the beginning of the academic year GIIS gives every student a STEM kit. Each kit contains eight experiments that students have to use during the year, all designed on the basis of the curriculum and concepts taught in class. Students are always encouraged to bring them home for self-guided experiments!


Want your kids to fall in love with math? GIIS has partnered with HeyMath!, a coveted e-learning programme that helps students from classes 1 to 8 to familiarise themselves with the joy of learning math and hone their mathematical skills from an early age.

Detailed Assessments

The Detailed Assessments model at GIIS keeps teachers, administration, and parents aware of each student’s progress. Online assessments for English, Maths, and Science will be made available for students to complete, and the results of the assessments provides an insight on each student’s weak spots so they can know what to focus on improving.

Quality Circles

As part of GIIS’s Innovation Programme, they’ve created Quality Circles, a class activity that pushes children to brainstorm and come up with a relevant problem that needs solving. They will then have to design tangible and intangible solutions to solve the problem, anything from time management to personal hygiene. By the end, students have gained analytical skills, problem-solving, presentation skills and teamwork.

Want to learn more? See GIIS students in action at the upcoming GIIS Open House, or sign up for the Smart Campus Tour, mama!

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