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Last-minute Halloween costumes for babies in Singapore

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No walking? No problem! Here are the best (and cutest!) easy Halloween costumes to dress up your baby in Singapore

If you’re anything like me, mamas, you are 1) obsessed with photographing your babies and 2) short on time. I’m also devoid of sewing skills (and pretty much any craftiness whatsoever), but anyway! I refuse to let my baby’s first Halloween pass without putting her into a ridiculously adorable costume ensemble.

Here in Singapore, we’ve got the added challenge of the brutal heat; I can’t imagine putting my sweaty baby into a puffy pumpkin suit or covering her in feathers to make her a bird, cute as it might be. So, I turned to the craftiest of resources, Pinterest, for some last-minute inspiration. Most of these shouldn’t require anything more than a swatch of fabric and perhaps a cheap prop or two, but baby should be able to stay both cool and cute this weekend!

For the sitting-up baby: Octopus


Image sourced via Pinterest

Grab a few extra pairs of cute socks or tights, stuff ‘em with cotton (or even newspaper!) and you’re good to go.

For the spiritual baby: the Dalai Lama


Image sourced via Pinterest

Perfect for the cute little baldies out there! Wrap baby up in a bit of maroon cloth (no sewing required!), fashion some wire-rimmed glasses, add beads.

For the foodie baby: Sushi


Image sourced via Pinterest

Pinterest has a few takes on this one, but I like this version best with a simple pink pillow, black band, and plain white swaddle.

For the peace-loving baby: Hippie

Hippy baby halloween costume

Image sourced via Pinterest

You’ve got yourself a literal “flower child”!

For the baby boy with washboard abs: Abercrombie model


Image sourced via Pinterest

I love how creatively funny-yet-simple this one is. Baby’s probably gotta be able to stand up to pull this one off, but it doesn’t get easier than a plain paper bag.

For the baby who loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Butterfly


Image sourced via Pinterest

Find some wings and fashion antennae with household items. If you want to go more literal, check out these hungry caterpillars on Pinterest.

For the large-and-in-charge baby: Sumo wrestler


Image sourced via Pinterest

Ok so I don’t know how simple it would be to make that little topknot wig, but the rest of the costume is easy-peasy and oh-so-comfortable in the Singapore heat!

For the carb-loading baby: Spaghetti & Meatballs


Image sourced via Pinterest

Could a mop or two possibly be re-purposed for a cuter cause? I think not.

For prehistoric baby pairs: The Flintstones


Image sourced via Pinterest

Cutting stuff with scissors is just about the upper limit of my craftiness, but I think even I could fashion what’s essentially a slightly-embellished sack with a necklace.

For the health-conscious baby: Veggie Wrap


Image sourced via Pinterest

Beige-blanket-for-tortilla = genius. You could probably even use real lettuce in a pinch with this one!

Happy costuming, mamas! By next year the kiddos might be too wiggly or have their own opinions about what they want to wear, so make the most of this super-cute photo opportunity with a willing subject while you can. Happy Halloween!

Top image sourced via Pinterest

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