08 - 23 Dec‘18

Weekends at The ArtGround

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Enjoy Weekends at The Artground! Children between 0 – 12 years will get to experience The Artground play space HULLABALOO – an explosion of colours, patterns and shapes in a whimsical lanscape. Taking cues from the natural environment, Hullabaloo encourages children to see the space from different perspectives, imagine a world of magic, and immerse themselves in the kind of fun that beats at the heart of creativity.

Drop-In 2 Hour Open Craft Workshop
Drop in anytime within the first 1.5 hours (subject to seat availability). Each child will take approximately 10 – 30 mins for each activity.

8 Dec, 10.30am – 12.30pm
Petite Pinata Party (4 years & up)
An ice kacang that never melts? Yes please! Join in at the craft kitchen as they make some of the favourite local desserts – the potong ice cream, ice cream wafer sandwich, and of course the ice kacang!

8 Dec, 2.30pm – 4.30pm
Mobile Christmas Puppet Fun (2 years & up)
Make your own Mobile Christmas Puppet conducted by Wah So Simple

Drop-In 30 Minute Workshops
For these 30 minute sessions, an announcement will be made 5 mins before each programme and the first XX number of children in the queue will get to enjoy the programme.

9 Dec, 10.30am – 1am
Rolypoly Family Dance Party (2 – 6 years old)
Join Rolypoly Family for a dance party with moves and music that will be a hit with children and grown-ups.

21 Dec, 10.30am – 11am
23 Dec, 4.30pm – 5pm
Merry X’Mas Little Creatures (All Ages)
It’s the time of the year where Little Creatures gather with family, friends, loved ones and and other creatures to celebrate love, peace, joy and merry music-making! Join Little Creatures in enjoying Christmas-inspired tunes, sing-along songs and jam along with simple musical instruments!

22 Dec, 4.30pm – 5pm
Fold, Crinkle, Roll (3 – 8 years old)
Let your imagination roam free with each fold or crinkle of paper in this dance-theatre performance!

Event Price

Free for all (Donations welcomed)

Event Location

The ArtGround
Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road, Block J #01-40, Singapore 439053