03 - 09 Mar‘19

Transform Retreats presents: Exclusive Mama & Child Retreat in Bali with Marta Komosa

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This retreat is a unique opportunity for you, beautiful mama, to pause, rest, breathe, and nourish yourself and your child with the amazing gifts of Bali: nature, nourishing food, massage, yoga, meditation, connection with the energy of the island and connecting with others.

This retreat is the time for you to re-connect with your needs and take care of yourself, while your child is being cared for by our team of loving Balinese nannies.

This retreat is a gift to yourself and your child. A balanced, rested, nourished and supported mama is a happy mama. And a happy mama makes for a happy, calm, healthy child, a child ready to explore the world and grow into their full potential.

The program is based on the following core aspects:
This week is for you to rest in the beautiful nature of Bali, enjoy the amazing weather and the comfort of the intimate retreat centre. Each day you will have time for yourself and to connect with other mamas, while your child is cared for and entertained. All the activities during the day will be optional and supportive of you and your child’s needs.

Mama Bali, as we call the island, is the ultimate source of nourishment. You will nourish you and your child’s body with amazing, fresh, balanced and healthy food, fresh juices and coconut water. You will nurture yourself with relaxing Balinese massage. You will be invited to revive yourself in nature, and through gentle movement, yoga, dance, meditation, through singing from your heart and listening to the healing sounds of gentle live music.

You will meet amazing guest speakers and facilitators who will share their wisdom and knowledge on crucial aspects of conscious motherhood and holistic parenting. You will be exposed to inspiring aspects of Balinese culture and spirituality, with the invitation to embed these practices into your more mindful everyday life.

A space has been created for you to re-connect with yourself, through simple meditations, body movement, breathing, massage, sharing circles and your alone time in nature. You will also have the opportunity to bond with your child through sharing your experiences with other mamas from around the world in a very open, safe and supportive environment.

Last but not least, by coming to the retreat, you are also supporting two important causes related to Transform Retreats’ mission: Supporting women in stepping into their full potential and conscious, heart-led living.

During the retreat, you will visit a world-renowned natural birthing clinic, Bumi Sehat and meet the clinic’s founder, the 2011 CNN Woman of the Year, Ibu Robin Lim. This will be an opportunity to learn more about the challenges and needs of the clinic’s projects and make your donations. Also, by staying at the retreat centre, you are providing financial support towards scholarships for young Balinese women to study abroad.

Event Price

USD$1700 (excluding return tickets to Bali)

Event Location

Ubud, Bali
Ubud, Bali