21 Feb‘19 - 02 Mar‘19

Toy Factory Presents: The Transition Room

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Time: 3pm & 8pm

The Transition Room is a one-hour-of-power play exploring the fundamental questions that
have bugged humanity since the dawn of time. Utilizing absurdist elements and pushing the
boundaries of theatre’s conventional rules, The Transition Room will take the audience on a
journey toward the great unknown with fevered bravery.

Mike finds himself in a room surrounded by other people who are not him. He could be
waiting to see his dentist, or he could be waiting to renew his passport. Mike could be
anywhere, but the only thing that he’s certain of is that he’s not sure where he is. Does Mike
end up in another room? Are there several other rooms? Could he stay in the same room for
the next hour?

Event Price

Opening show on 21 Feb, excluding booking fee
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Event Location

Drama Centre Black Box
100 Victoria Street, #05-01 National Library Building, Singapore 188064